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March 30, 2007

Call to Action: Write Your Congressperson and Senator!

Many in the media are gearing up for the 2008 presidential campaign, relegating the illegitimate, corrupt, murderous liars of the Bush Administration–with their 28 percent approval rating–to the status of yesterday’s news. But there’s still plenty of time for Bush and his monstrous cronies to do plenty of damage. For the next two years, if given the chance, they will kill hundreds of thousands more Iraqis and Afghans, thousands more American soldiers and waste billions of our taxdollars…and that’s if they don’t start another war, against Iran.

There’s only one way to prevent even more carnage, and that’s impeachment. And there’s only one way impeachment is going to happen, even with a Democratic Congress: a smoking gun so ugly, so undeniable that even Republicans will be forced to call for the entire wretched crew’s heads.

We now have the opportunity to unmask such a smoking gun. And you can help.

The New York Times has published an editorial calling for a Congressional investigation of the Defense Department, which repeatedly claimed that Corporal and former NFL football player Pat Tillman had died while leading a charge against the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan when it knew that, in fact, he had died in a “friendly fire” accident. Tillman’s service had been used by the Army as a recruiting tool for the illegal wars against Afghanistan and Iraq–and his death was used as a noble example young people were supposed to emulate.

From the NYT Editorial: The Pentagon’s investigation of the “friendly fire” death of Pat Tillman, the Army Ranger who became an administration icon for its war on terror, has left the corporal’s family doubtful that the truth has really come out. Even as the Army reaffirmed its belief that Corporal Tillman deserved a Silver Star for valor, the family denounced the award as “part of a cynical design to conceal the real events from the family and the public, while exploiting the death of our beloved Pat as a recruitment poster.”
The circumstances of this byzantine case cry out for Congressional hearings to get an independent evaluation of just who pulled the strings to sugar-coat a terrible battlefield accident as an instance of heroism under hostile fire.

The Pentagon’s internal investigation has tagged nine officers, including four generals, for wrongdoing in the cover-up. Naive observers may be satisfied, but anyone who has watched the Bushist gangsters operate since seizing power in 2000 can’t help being cynical. If four generals are the fall guys, how far up must this go?

Here, I’ll say it: All the way to the top. To then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. I wouldn’t be surprised if the White House–Rove, Cheney and/or Bush themselves–were personally briefed or more directly involved in this massive cover-up. If that’s true–and if it isn’t, why have the Bushies been stonewalling a Congressional investigation?–it would justify impeachment (for obstruction of justice and lying, among other “high crimes and misdemeanors” that brought down Nixon).

Only a full-fledged Congressional investigation, replete with full subpoena powers to get the complete record that despite a series of phony self-investigations the Tillman family has repeatedly been denied by the Pentagon, will reveal the full truth and bring these bastards down.

Write to your Congressperson and both of your United States Senators right now–send your letter by snail mail AND fax since those are counted with greater weight than emails–and demand a full investigation of the Tillman cover-up. Make a little history.