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July 2, 2007

ITMFA – Libby Edition
posted by TheDon

The Bush Crime Family has now gamed the system so that Scooter won’t testify against his old boss Dick, and we’ll never hear the truth from Libby’s lying lips. For once he is following in dear old dad’s footsteps by using his presidential pardon powers to protect himself and his boss Dick.
This is another attack on the rule of law and the separation of powers by this oulaw regime. It’s time to take the gloves off and ITMFA. Now. This won’t be the last abuse of this power to protect his buddies, either. Watch for some rather broad pardons in January, 2009. GRRRRRRR.
So now what? Now there is no “ongoing investigation”, so it’s time for Congress to start up the hearings and subpeona the executive and find out who outed a CIA agent. If they don’t cooperate? ITMFA.
And where is the press? It’s time to start pressing the president again over who leaked, and why they still have security clearances. Press him on his claim that he would fire anyone connected. Push, people! Push!

July 2, 2007

ITMFA – VP edition
posted by TheDon

The Sunday chuckleheads seemed endlessly amused by that whacky VP and his unconstitutional antics. We are not amused. When the phrase “Nixonian stonewalling” seems inadequate to describe an administration, and when the VP shows such contempt for congress that he doesn’t even try to justify his activities anymore, it’s time to act. My mother used to say “If you act like Nixon, I’m going to treat you like Nixon”, or something like that. It’s time to treat this administration like the outlaw enemies of the Constitution that they are, and I’m not just talking about Congress. The MIA stenographer press corps needs to step up to the plate and earn their constitutionally protected status.

I hear people that I respect making the argument that impeachment is only an option, and that it would be a distraction from the Democratic legislative agenda.

Defending the Constitution is NOT an optional exercise, it is an oath that every congresscritter swore. There is no longer any doubt that these people are an ongoing threat to our Constitution, and to the lives and freedoms of people around the world. Their sneering contempt for the legislative branch and the people they represent has to be answered with force, and the biggest power congress has is the power to impeach.

And I have to ask… WHAT Democratic legislative agenda? I know there is one, but not one which will ever pass with the current Senate or President. Nothing of substance will pass the Senate (or even reach the floor), and if something accidentally passes, President Numbnuts has finally found the veto pen.

These guys are stonewalling because it’s the only way to make it to January 2009 still in office. It’s time to stand up for the people and their Constitution. An impeachment can even be a proxy war-crimes trial. I think the public would cheer on any process to get these criminals out of office, even if it eventually fails in the Senate. But I think that any Senator who refuses to vote for conviction on the serious crimes commited by this administration will be tossed out.

ITMFA – and the VP he rode in on.