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June 20, 2007

posted by TheDon
I have not been pro-impeachment for the very practical reason that impeachment would be a long political process, and it appeared that no matter what happened, it would be impossible to get the 2/3 guilty vote necessary for conviction. There are a lot of problems to solve, and I wouldn’t want the efforts derailed by an impeachment process. Additionally, the Goops debased the notion of impeachment so thoroughly that it would be hard to get the public backing necessary.

I did support the approach of investigating, building a case, following the evidence, and prosecuting anyone worthy of prosecution. I trust the people doing the investigations, too. Jerry Nadler. Carl Levin. Patrick Leahy. John Conyers. Brilliant minds, pursuing truth, justice and the American way. Except Joe Lieberman. ugh.

Now, just 5 months into the new Congress, the evidence of lawlessness in this administration is overwhelming. Setting aside anything to do with Iraq (which is more worthy of war crimes tribunals than impeachment), I think the vows to preserve, defend and protect the Constitution require action.

Although I have been saying for the last several months that the USA scandal is the one which will bring down this administration, we can now add the RNC mail accounts and signing statements to provable law breaking. The use of the RNC accounts was bad. Deleting the emails was illegal. Not stopping the use of the system and demanding the preservation of the emails is impeachable.

Attaching signing statements, we were told, was not illegal, we had to wait until they were used to break the law. Well now they have been. A cursory study found intentional violation of the law based on the signing statements. Even beyond impeachment, I think this administration is eligible for prosecution under the RICO Act. Mike Malloy nailed it, calling this administration the Bush Crime Family. The current crop at the DOJ makes John Ashcroft look honorable. JOHN ASHCROFT!!!

The evidence keeps rolling in, faster than I imagined it would. There is no doubt that systematic lawbreaking was encouraged and covered up by this administration, on so many fronts. It is provable, undeniable, and more people are willing to testify every day. The dominoes are falling faster and faster, the rats are leaving the ship. You have all the evidence you need, Congress. What are you going to do?

Listen to your inner Dan Savage. ITMFA.