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June 25, 2007

War Crimes
posted by TheDon
Atlanta right-wing hate yakker Neal Boortz seems to be confused. I’m here to unconfuse him. In a piece about Jane Fonda, he says this:

Bush and Cheney are not war criminals. First of all, Cheney is not the commander and chief. Only the president has that role – get it right. And “war crimes” implies that that America violated some international law. Go ahead, Jane. Give me a cite!

O……kay… only the commander-in-chief can commit a war crime. And only international law is used to prosecute war crimes. That’s too stupid to even respond to, but here’s your cite: The Geneva Conventions. A bonus cite would be this.

He then gets all Howie Mandel over Saddam Hussein’s cousin getting a death sentence, despite the fact that he is/was NOT the commander-in-chief.

Now here is a criminal for you. Saddam Hussein’s cousin was sentenced to death by an Iraqi court yesterday. He is going to hang. And that is exactly how it should be. He helped with the killing of hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Shite Muslims. Using chemicals weapons to wipe out people based on their religion … THAT’S a war crime. Let’s see if Hamas Jane has anything to say about this guy!

It’s ok, Jane, I’ll handle this one. Read slowly, Neal, it involves accusing some of your heroes of crimes. Chemical Ali was a war criminal who commited despicable acts. If I ever believed in the death penalty, he would be near the head of the line. Having said that, he didn’t perform his deeds in a vacuum. His arsenal was only possible because of the assistance of the USA, and the blind eye they turned towards his barbaric crimes. If he is guilty of a war crime, then so are his co-conspirators, including Donald Rumsfeld, George H. W. Bush, and the late Ronald Reagan, along with a cast of thousands.

You’re welcome.