The Year of Loving Dangerously, continued

Another page from my upcoming graphic novel, “The Year of Loving Dangerously.”


8 Responses to “The Year of Loving Dangerously, continued”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You were built like that Rall? Right.


    Oh man ….


  2. Incitatus Says:

    That’s called poetic license, anon!

  3. Sean Says:

    Did you do the art?

  4. Sean Says:

    Oops hadn’t read down, sorry.

    Hey anon, we were all beautiful when we were young as someone said. Maybe he swam.

  5. devil Says:

    i agree that it’s kinda funny how ted has clearly forced poor pablo to draw him all muscley (probably blackmailed him somehow), but what’s REALLY funny is the way these graphic novel pages reveal that ted hasn’t changed his hairstyle in a quarter of a century! he’s one of THOSE guys! you know, those “i’m gonna keep my high school hair-do for my entire life” dudes– like the ones now who are all white-haired and bent over with advanced age and still sporting ducktails and pompadours. betcha ted’s still gonna have that same early 80s center-parted feathered bowl cut fifty years from now, when he’s napping in a rest home!

    (assuming, of course, that the way mr. callejo has rendered ted’s ‘do is more accurate than the way he’s depicted his physique..!)

  6. Y_S Says:

    sean; Don’t suck up bro…its nice to see Ted do autobiography but he is fictionalising what he would look like. Which defeats the purpose of autbiography.

  7. Ted Rall Says:

    All I will say is that I sent Pablo photos of myself at the time. But no way have I ever been ripped.

  8. Pablo Says:

    I just come to see that Ted is uploading pages, sorry for not comment before today.

    Well, as Ted said, he sent me photos of him at the time… And judging by these pictures, he was an athletic guy… Well, he was 20, not so strange…

    Pablo Callejo

    Ps.- Please excuse my poor English.

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