Party Like It’s 1993

I’m continuing to work on the archives. The latest changes: 2005 and 2006 now have titles and appear in reverse chronological order. Also, the 1993 stuff from my Chronicle Features period is now online for the very first time.

It’s a period with interesting parallels to our own: a young conservative Democrat had just been elected with high expectations after a Bush had messed up the economy, which continued to suffer for several years before the dot-com boom caught fire.


4 Responses to “Party Like It’s 1993”

  1. Matt Bors Says:

    I saw this variations of this cartoon draw about 45 times this election season. I guess you beat them to it by 15 years.

  2. Susan Stark Says:

    I remember this “change”. That’s why I didn’t get all manic about Obama’s “change this time around.

  3. Angelo Says:

    I actually heard a guy on liberal radio say

    “Obama will have a lasting impact…Remember Clinton?, he made a lasting impact…”

    Democrats are un-psychotic republicans.

    Expect half measures.

  4. somebody else Says:

    At this point people are just hoping Obama will put things back the way they were under Clinton. Seven-plus years of incompetent fascism have set the bar for improvement very low.

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