Cartoon for December 8, 2008: 99 Cent Store

Until recently, 99 cent stores were having trouble finding stuff to sell at such a low price. Fortunately, deflation will come to their rescue.


4 Responses to “Cartoon for December 8, 2008: 99 Cent Store”

  1. Incitatus Says:

    Ooh, big bad deflation! How happy the Zimbabwean citizens must be in comparison.
    But fear not, American comrades, what’s in store for you if all the planned (and soon to be pleaded) bailouts come to pass, that future of hyperinflation is much more likely than deflation. Hyperinflation combined with economic stagnation. It’s not very nice, I assure you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    For once, I agree with Incitatus.

    Just as with the Vietnam conflict, there’s a huge war debt dragging the economy down. In addition, there’s the pent-up inflation pressure resulting from keeping the interest rate artificially low.

    Same scene, and Paul Volker will be reprising his part for the new century.

  3. Always Right Says:

    War debt? How about bailout debt? We are on the hook now for $7 trillion to bail out Barney Frank, Franklin Raines and Chris Dodd’s economy.

  4. Incitatus Says:

    Too bad the collapse of the American house of cards has probably botched an economical upturn for us down here in the other America (at least for the countries that are not ruled by crazed socialists like Chavez). Otherwise, I would say “hasta la vista, baby” as you headed downwards.
    At least we won’t have hyperinflation. Again…
    And Always Right, if you think the war debt is peanuts, you’re Barney Frank’s soul brother.

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