Revised: "President Obama’s First Day"

The first animation has been tightened up. Check out the new and improved version here. It’s also a little more relevant than prescient now:


10 Responses to “Revised: "President Obama’s First Day"”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Wow. It’s not working. You Cartoonists are going to have a tough nut in Obama. Cheers.

  2. Susan Stark Says:

    Not with Rahm Emmanuel as Chief of Staff.

    Barry better watch his back, because ol’ Rahmmy was involved in the Lewinsky affair.

  3. ellwort Says:

    Rahm Emanuel?!? What the f**k?

    Maybe it’s like LBJ’s “inside-the-tent=pissing-out tactic?

    Ever the Polyanna
    – A

  4. Angelo Says:

    I think that when watching a cartoon, people expect it to flow in a more narrative way. This cartoon just cuts to new scenes which are just animated versions of the panels in a cartoon. When you start to get connected to a scenario, it ends and cuts to a new one.

    If you cannot get this somewhat unconventional format to work for people, adapting a more traditional narrative approach will get them, but it will lose something.

    Better sound, more sound and less Kubric-pauses are helping alot!!! Please keep it up.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This cartoon just keeps getting better and better!

  6. badnewswade Says:

    Sorry, but it just doesn’t work for me, neither did the Sarah Palin one. You’re still one of my fave cartoonists though…

  7. onetwothree Says:

    I thought it was amusing, though the voiceovers are pure amateur.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Nonsense. The voice work is amazing! You should do that professionally.

  9. Fouad Says:

    Im sorry Ted, I do like your comics much better your cartoons. They are funny yes – but you have to keep in mind that Ive been a fan of yours since I was in High School( since 1999 unfortunately that hasn’t translated into $$$ on your products all that much, sorry Im just cheap and I have the internet).

  10. lucila Says:

    not that familiar with your cartoons yet (print or animated) but i thought this was funny. i especially like the scene with the american licking the t.v. screen. i think you should make obama more svelt, afterall when time allows, he opts for at least a 90 minute workout.

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