Not Just Another Cable News Show

I’m on CNN Headline News’ “Not Just Another Cable News” show this weekend. The episode airs Saturday and Sunday at 7 PM, 9 PM, Midnight and 5 AM East Coast time. For those who don’t own televisions because the rays suck out your brains, there are clips online here and here.
Gaze in wonder and merriment, for before Bush came along I often enjoyed similar jolly shenanigans. I long for more such silliness!
REVISED: In case you missed it, I’m adding some embedded videos so you can see the clips.

Urine Trouble

Stop the Madness

Regrettable Rap

Jim Baker

Michael Jackson

Tom Cruise

3 Responses to “Not Just Another Cable News Show”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jolly shenanigans and silliness… yeah, could be nice…but our nation has strayed so far from what it once was and aspired to be…as an expatriate at the moment, I stand back in horror at what has occurred in the last few years – I am in the Baltics right now – but I remember a man lying in an intersection of the streets of LA, beaten into the ground, crying, why can’t we be friends? (why can’t we live together peacefully?) I could belabour the point, but why bother? I’ll borrow the words of another writer who said that “people are just no damn good!” I just wonder sometimes if a poor downtrodden person was given a million dollars, – would they start a concentration camp to get back at those that “trod” on them? Maybe we have become too big for our britches globally? In any case, a little perspective and kindness would go a long way whether you are an overpaid CEO or a person just trying to stretch a few dollars to get by…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My dial up is so slow it would take till next week to down load this. But, if you have a goatee you need some exercise my friend! I have some wood to cut. It pays quite well. A case of Molson per cord. Inflation, you know.

  3. Brubaker Says:

    My god, I remember that “All Stars” special discussed in the “Stop the Madness” video. It was shown when I was in second grade. One thing I remember was that the cartoon began with a live-action intro featuring then-president George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush…seriously

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