Cartoon for October 13

The New York Times, along with other newspapers, continues its painful process of charging more and delivering less to its readers.

5 Responses to “”

  1. Angelo Says:

    I like it.
    Wanna trade this comic for my debt?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ted, speaking of things to hate; I hate this new design for “Search and Destroy”.

    For Gods sake man, you’re an award winning journalist and the best template you can come up with is to steal the design from

    Dude, check out Eric Margolis, another south/central asia correspondent and the kickass template his web design team came up with at You Ted, are a trailbazer, and this pussy whipped template we see on a million and one junior high read-’em-and-weep teeny blogs is NOT what a man like you should stoop to.

    The last template was better. Ted find a new design. This template sucks.


  3. Kelly Clark Says:

    In a media environment where our news outlets are being surreptitiously (and openly) bought up in droves by the same huge corporate interests that are buying our congressmen and women one at a time, seeing the Times making cuts like these is truly disheartening. I share your disgust.

  4. Thomas Daulton Says:

    So I guess you are saying the New York Times still kicks ass, just in a different way…

  5. Angelo Says:


    love this

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