Cartoon for October 11

Sarah Palin coasts toward Election Day. She has never faced a press conference. Will her handlers let her out of her cage?

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  1. Aggie Dude Says:

    Could it be, Ted, that the McCain campaign, either rightly or wrongly, has made the assumption that this election has been theirs from the beginning and they can get away with anything and still have at worst a toss-up chance of winning?

    When I watch videos of these angry McCain supporters at his rallies, it really sounds to me that they never questioned the dominance of Republicans in this election, that this truly blindsided them that Obama could look to have a legitimate shot, and that Congress may become more Democrat. These people all live in their little bubble. They only talk to other people like them, and now they’re 3 weeks out from what they may well perceive as the end of their country as they know it.

    This all seems too good to not wake up on Nov. 5th to yet another Republican heist, with all the smug, patronizing, patriarchal and paternalistic assholes lecturing all of us dumb non-conservatives about how we just don’t understand….

    I think they truly believed, and may still believe, that they can get away with anything. I wonder what they will do when they wake up to a president that isn’t like them.

    I won’t hold my breath on it teaching them any lessons about tolerance and compassion. However, if the Dems win the magic number in Congress and win the white house, and we don’t have universal health care in 4 years, I may never bother to vote again.

  2. tyke Says:

    sorry aggie, you will not get universal health care at any time it is just too expensive.France ,Spain,Germany are buckling under the cost GB throw billions at it for management to look at ways to make a profit !!. Even when you despair at the politicians you have just vote independant or some such ,it just might give them pause.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    tyke: If you go to, you can check this for yourself. It looks like Spain, France, and Germany are doing pretty well.

    In 2004, Germany and France spent 11% of their GDP on health; Spain spent 8%. The U.S. spent 16%. (And their GDP per capita is a lot lower than the U.S., as well.)

    That same year, the infant mortality in those countries was 4%; in the U.S., it was 7%.

    Do you have some other figures?

  4. Matthew Says:

    Hey, tyke:

    we spend more per capita on health care than than any of those countries!!!

    We just spend it on enriching for-profit insurance companies instead of on actual health care.

  5. Greg Says:

    Universal health care is too expensive–compared to where? Like every other country on the planet? Even France only pays 11% of GDP compared to our for-profit “care” at 16% GDP. Hooray for market efficiency!

    It’s only been a week since our Congress decided to toss $700 billion at the rich–with no strings or oversight attached–after a single week of discussion. So don’t talk to us about the crushing costs of socialism.

  6. Aggie Dude Says:

    Note that when a McCain supporter at a rally said Obama was an Arab, McCain did not contest it, merely saying he was a decent family man.

    So which is it, is Obama an Arab, or are Arabs by definition incapable of being ‘decent, family men’?

  7. Sean Says:

    Tyke, in Australia we have universal health care AND a federal budget surplus.

    You’ve been conned my lad.

  8. americans only world's free people Says:

    You also have rabid, manthirsty dingoes wandering a post-apocalyptic landscape dotted with communities of tent people descended from lead-poisoned criminals.

    Oh, whoops, I’m mistaken. I meant to say “And you have a world-class higher education system, to boot.” Americans haven’t just been conned, they’ve been conned and taught that everyone ELSE got conned.

  9. Sean Says:

    Don’t worry, our tories are in love with your tories and are doing their best to dismantle that education system.

    We DO have animals which will eat or poison you, but so do you. I’m sure that’s not the government’s fault.

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