Cartoon for October 6

Polls shopw that white women are moving in droves from Obama to McCain.

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  1. Anders Says:

    I can’t blame them. If I absolutely had to choose between one of the two,(and weren’t allowed to abstain) I’d probably vote McCain as well. Oßama comes around as too much of a phoney.
    To paraphrase ßiden:
    He’s not change, he’s more of the same.

    But I suppose some people will lcontinue to hope and believe in Change. And Hope. And Change you can believe in.

  2. Aggie Dude Says:

    Anyone who can thoughtfully and reasonably conclude that McCain is the better choice needs to be re-educated. This election couldn’t be more clear. If you’re voting on personality (seems phony, etc), you’re not being an adult.

  3. Aggie Dude Says:

    The polls I’ve seen show Obama taking a lead amongst women, has that changed?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m looking forward to when the N-word is used in McCain Ad.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This cartoon is a few weeks late (the white women are evening out their support after an initial “Palin bump”). It is also disappointing in another respect – it’s just too easy to blame everything on race. Consider this quote from Rasmussen reports- “September 29, 2008: Obama leads by fifteen points among women but trails by six among men. Obama and McCain are essentially even among White Women, a constituency that George W. Bush won by eleven points four years ago.”

    What was the problem 4 years ago? Anti-French sentiment?

  6. pimp daddy Says:

    Dem white bitches be buggin’.

  7. peejay3 Says:

    great cartoon! great!

    it will happen, but how many times?

  8. Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. Says:

    I’m not sure your opening statement is accurate, Ted. Can you provide some proof?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I suspect that the 2nd and 3rd frames are spot on when it comes to quite a few voters, male and female although they will self-identify as “undecided” at this point (just to be polite). The “something [that is] not right with Barry” will, however, remain a mystery… a vague completely ungrounded intuition.

    Equally ungrounded is their assessment of John. They will visibly wince if you suggest that it might have anything to do with race; they certainly don’t want to think that they have some prejudice. Barry just seems shifty while John, his wife and his running mate seem honest, trustworthy and no dummies.

    I have to admit that this is based on a sample of one. Folks like that are hard to find in my neighborhood. I won’t hazard a guess as to why he came to a very liberal coastal city instead of staying in the Republican River Valley in Nebraska.

    McCain may drive these voters, at least this particular voter, away from the polls with his latest tactics. I think he is honest enough that he would not want to lie about who he voted for and he knows his vote will not make a difference in this state. Funny how these things work. His bases is covered. He’s let us know that he doesn’t like Barry.

  10. Aggie Dude Says:

    Anon makes a good point here, and to hammer it home, you can read one of Nicholas Kristof’s later op-eds about inovert racism (he says it’s racism without racists, I disagree, I think it’s racism without bigotry, or in sociological terms, institutional or structural racism).

    So the experience thing was supposed to stick to Obama more than to Palin. I think it did, it’s just this SHOULD be a blow-out election. Obama is shiftier…not because John is not shifty, but because racist people who insist they are not racist are harsher on minorities when it comes to evaluating their qualifications. They THINK it’s because Obama is shifty. All politicians are shifty.

    The celebrity pitch, the character pitch, the shiftiness pitch, the experience pitch. All of these vectors the McCain Campaign has used are targeted at Obama rather than his policies. By definition they are racial in nature because of who Obama is.

    I have heard McCain supporters refer to Obama as “uppity.” Now, having grown up in the south….I have a very good understanding of what that really means. Admitted overtly or not, it means “that black man doesn’t know his place.”

    The difference between that assessment of Obama vs. that assessment of Palin (to look at the institutional sexism aspect) is that Palin doesn’t represent a qualified candidate the way Hillary does, or countless other female politicians (Christine Todd Whitman comes to mind). It’s not all about resume, it’s about what people say and believe. Palin just doesn’t see a reality that’s remotely accurate. Obama does.

    Chuck Todd of MSNBC reports that the Obama campaign anticipates losing 70% of undecideds because of this. Others (like don’t believe this will carry over to the election. I’m interested to see how it works out.

    Obama’s ceiling is getting higher in the electoral college. This is because people have looked past the smear campaign of McCain and realized what’s going on.

    Sarah Palin doesn’t look like she believes she’s on the winning ticket, and is already making a national name for herself to run in 2012. That will be fun, unfortunately she’d be out of a primary faster than Fred Thompson.

  11. Edward Says:

    i believe Ted is diagraming in the ‘snark’ mode.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Based on CNN’s graph thingies in last nights debate, Obama was a huuuge hit with women in CNN’s sample.

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