Cartoon for September 27

We still have money for our nation’s top priority: torture.


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  1. Aggie Dude Says:

    I watched the debilitate tonight, I found it interesting how McCain can oppose torture while at the same time not admitting that the US has engaged in torture.

  2. Greg Says:

    McCain brought up our torturing captives twice.

    In response to Obama pointing out McCain’s support over the years to an “orgy of spending” in the midst of deficits. McCain said he was “a maverick of the Senate” because he did not agree with many of Bush’s crimes against humanity (while voting in support for them just the same).


    Answering if there will be another 9/11: “to make sure that we have people who are trained interrogators so that we don’t ever torture a prisoner ever again.”

    Both he and Obama dodged addressing the root cause of why people would want to fly planes into our buildings.

    It is not, as Senator Obama said, “We have to go to the root cause, and that is in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

    The root cause of hatred of America is a little closer to home than the other side of world, Mr. Obama.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The eagle was facing McCain.

  4. tyke Says:

    since most of these people have been held for 5 years or more any information they may or may not have is out of date & therefore irrelevant, since the authorities have no clue what to do with them they may as well carry on mistreating them.

  5. Aggie Dude Says:

    This is why it’s important to get shit right the first time. This is something you can’t ever get to stick to people, though Obama menially attempted.

    McCain talked about accountability. Where’s the accountability for himself? He says ‘look at the record,’ but in fact counts on nobody actually looking at the record.

    While he did mention torturing of prisoners, he didn’t actually explicitly acknowledge the US has done so. The reality of our legal system is that technically we have not done anything illegal.

  6. Bengo Says:

    At least some of what you’ve been saying appears vindicated, based on this article. I figured I owe it to you to pass it along.

    It’s about flaws — big ones — in the HalfPixel webcomics business model.

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