Cartoon for September 20

Just wait…a few years from now, we’ll look back at George W. Bush and wonder why we were so hard on him.

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  1. devil Says:

    hey man, clinton was NOT worse than reagan or bush the elder. he was a sleazy dude, sure, but his actual presidentin’ was pretty decent, compared to the reptilican scum that preceded and followed him. i think there’s a flaw in your theory… maybe it would be more accurate to separate the presidents into two groups, based on whether they were righties or lefties, and then compare each one only to the members of his own ideology…? like, dem presidents have gotten progressively shittier (get it? “progressively”..?) when compared just to other dem presidents, and the same for the reptile-brains. and then you’d have to come up with some sort of explanation for the exceptions, like kennedy (way better then truman) and hoover (way worse than the fairly harmless ford). and even carter, who was a much better president (and human being) than the lying, election-stealing, war-mongering LBJ…

    you know, actually, the more i think about it, your whole premise is kind of hare-brained. i think you might be full of shinola on this one, ted. sorry.

    but you are correct that the next administration is going to be an epic disaster, what with our “choice” (hahaha!) being narrowed down as it is to two steaming turds. history will bear out the truth of your last panel, at least.

    kinda reminds me of that mencken quote. here we thought we’d already reached the “downright moron” stage, but maybe “the inner soul of the people” is darker then we think…

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Aggie Dude Says:

    very funny and observant, I even have found myself thinking in the past 8 years, “At least Nixon was a real statesman.” What the hell am I saying!? Nixon is the reason we have the healthcare system we do now! He was the start of this long road to hell for America.

    But on a serious note, Ted, I think both are going on. When Bush took office the media made a big deal about how he woke up early every day (not that Clinton slept in or anything, but that’s the insinuation). Rush Limbaugh gave us all a lecture on how dignity had been restored to the White-(whore)-House, how we should be proud (and of course, how liberals should feel stupid on 9/11 for their stupid beliefs in egalitarian, universal healthcare, labor issues, and environmentalism).

    When the next ‘leader’ takes office, we will all celebrate the end of Bush/Cheney, as though somehow everything is better. We will celebrate every golden fart of McCain/Palin’s as so un-Bush/Cheney like, even as we start a war with Iran, North Korea and Russia simultaneously.

    If Obama wins (not likely, America is still too racist) I will put up a Hello Kitty flag in my front yard.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry folks I disagree. I believe Obama, is going to get past his “gee i’m a black guy seriously running for the president” and open up the retorical pounding that is needed to win. I also believe he will make some brilliant decissions as Commander in Chief. That aside this is one of your best in a short time, Ted. You are one of the funniest, smartest, funguys…I think. The offer is open for a free beer next time your in the neighborhood.(is that two words?)

  5. Thomas Daulton Says:

    Your fellow cartoonist Xoverboard (August P.) had a great quote which I still use as my e-mail signature:

    “I think I’ve figured it out: we are officially experiencing the Star Wars trilogy of elected officials. Year after year we spend all our time convincing ourselves that there’s no way, no way the next movie will be even worse than the previous, and like the morons we are we shell out another ticket and then… it’s awful. It’s yet another awful movie.”

    Change of subject: I am soooooo, sooooo, looking forward to hearing my conservative relatives, and people like “edward” here on this blog, explain to me this week… that even though the Feds have nationalized three banks, and the banking system as a whole needs a 3/4 $TRILLION “bailout” which is fundamentally due to millions of people not being able to pay their mortgages…
    …”But we’re still not in a recession, you see, because we haven’t even had one quarter of negative growth yet. These economic terms have specific definitions, and if you hippie pinko commie sympathizers don’t want to use the definitions, I’m taking my ball and going home.”

    My gawd, if anyone ever needed proof that Federal economic statistics were being manipulated…

  6. LumpinProllie Says:

    I said all along that
    Submitted by treebu on Sun, 09/21/2008 – 9:56am.
    We need to throw the lot of the thieves out of the houses, the white house , house of representatives and senate. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result. These liars and common ordinary bank robbers – should be jailed because of flight risk- and brought to trial- not released until they first give back all of the truckloads of money they walked off with. I don’t care if they are off shore, swiss banked or under their 10000.00 mattresses in their 10000 luxury homes and yachts. Do we just sit here and let this happen? Where is everybody? I suggest we all stop working and head down to Washington and sit in front of our – that is- our houses until these freeloaders are evicted and moved to the place that all war criminals and common bank robbers go. And yes the nasty CEO scrooges that took over businesses so that they’d be shut down and consolidated into one fascist company, need to hand back their golden parachutes, so that we can pay off they debts they so viciously trainloaded into the offshore banks. Well if the world demands that those banana republics pile up all their loot and send it back to their rightful owners, do you think they would say no? There is a giant elephant farting in the living room and don’t know about you but I can’t breathe.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ahhh… Nostalgia. What would we ever do without it? Times were better or merely miserable. Leaders led. The people were strong and wise.

    Pretty soon folks will be fondly remembering when they ate regularly, had a roof over their head, had schools that taught the three R’s, and children received regular beatings from their loving parents.

    The American Memory. I sure hope they come up with a national holiday… well, day of fasting. It will be good for the soul.

    Me? I’m looking forward to the new White House branch of Goldman Sachs. I wonder what Teddy Roosevelt would say? Hard to imagine that he was a Republican, being for universal health care and national health insurance and averse to large, unaccountable financial corporations… oops… I mean trusts.

  8. Incitatus Says:


    You’re absolutely right. And I’m looking forward for “progressives” to protest the bailout of Wall Street, but all I read in the usual suspects (e.g., the NYT) is bipartisan acquiescence.
    After all, if there’s one thing that unites so-called left and so-called right is love of big government (provided the liar-in-chief is One Of Us).

  9. Anonymous Says:

    With the financial collapse of the country, I b’lieve the only fuckup Bush has not made is that he has not accidentally nuked Washington DC. Bush Presidential Librarians looking for a text to go over the entryway of the building take note.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    With 30% of white Democrats having an issue with voting for a black Democrat, Obama has his work cutout.

  11. False Prophet Says:

    Your comic reminds me of an old Italian story. The Roman emperor Nero, tired of being surrounded by yesmen, disguises himself as a plebian and wanders the streets of Rome to learn what the people think of him.

    Almost universally, everyone he meets loathes the emperor, until he meets an old woman who proclaims, “may the gods preserve Nero, and grant him a long life!”

    Nero, still incognito, asks the old woman why she made such a statement, given that the rest of Rome seems to despite the emperor.

    “Young man, I am very old and have seen emperors come and go. Years ago we had a horrible tyrant as an emperor. His successor was worse, and the second’s successor was worse still. Now we have Nero, and he is the worst of the lot. I pray, may the gods preserve Nero, and save us from his successor!”

  12. Thomas Daulton Says:


    Oh, there are a few of the usual lonely voices decrying the bailout:

    …but you’re quite right, no Democrat worth his salt is going to fart in the Church of the Chicago School Economics… and spoil the chances that maybe next year the rich Wall Street financiers whom they’re showering favors on this week, might possibly give the Democrats as much as 40% the amount they give to Republicans in campaign contributions. I mean, for those Wall Street guys to shell out the massive campaign contributions, they have to stay rich, right? So that’s obviuolsy our first priority.

  13. Incitatus Says:

    That’s good that some on the left are awake, and can be quoted, unlike the unmentionable “libertarians” who’ve been saying the same thing, but have been ignored left and right, pun intented.
    Just out of curiosity, was there any article in “The Nation” that was also critical of the bailout of Frauddie Mac and Phonie Mae?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I am soooooo, sooooo, looking forward to hearing my conservative relatives, and people like “edward” here on this blog, explain to me this week… that even though the Feds have nationalized three banks, and the banking system as a whole needs a 3/4 $TRILLION “bailout” which is fundamentally due to millions of people not being able to pay their mortgages…

    What would you like explained?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Let’s start with Franklin Raines DEMOCRAT former ceo of Fannie Mae. Walked away with $90 million in bonuses after 6 years. Let’s not forget his below market rate loans from Countrywide along with DEMOCRAT Chris Dodd and DEMOCRAT Kent Conrad.

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