Welcome to New York, Sarah Palin.
posted by Susan Stark

I just read the morning paper on my way to work. It appears that Sarah Palin is going to visit my fair city. She will have her hair done, and dine at many fine restaurants here.

In honor of her visit, I would like to recommend two venues that she simply cannot miss.

One is the Museum of Natural History. There, she will see and wonder in awe at a stunning display of evolution at work. Roughly a million schoolchildren visit the museum each year, and they benefit from it tremendously.

The second venue takes place during the night. I highly recommend Ms. Palin attend a Session of Exhibitionism. There, she will watch people having sex without pregnancy as a consequence of such activity. It will truly be an eye-opening experience for her.

Many of the young women and men who perform at exhibition shows are putting themselves through college, and could benefit from her support.

Have a great time, Sarah!


3 Responses to “”

  1. huh Says:

    maybe you could also take her to the UN, they could lay off all the interpreters and hire her.

  2. Susan Stark Says:


  3. Percy Ferry Says:


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