Cartoon for September 11

No, nothing about 9/11. 9/11 is SO over. I had to do something about how Sarah Palin has instantaneously turned into the most polarizing and divisive American political figure since George W. Bush.

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  1. Sean C. Ledig Says:

    Sorry Ted. 9/11 is not over. It’s not over until al Qaida is destroyed and Osama bin Laden is captured or killed in the attempt.

    As someone whose mother got off at the World Trade Center subway station to go to work each day, who spent the day frantically calling her cell phone, I resent that Bush let bin Laden get away with murder and attempted murder! As it was, my mother was one of those people covered with toxic dust when the towers collapsed.

    If the Democrats had any brains and balls, they would keep asking “Where’s bin Laden?!” over and over. They would hound the Republicans and make an issue that Bush’s misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan are taking resources that could be used to pursue bin Laden, whom we both know has probably evacuated to Pakistan.

    The fact that Bush has failed to get bin Laden makes him soft on terrorism. The Democrats need to keep hammering that point!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Reichstag, er…Patriot Day!!!! Ilsa would be proud!! Dorme bene

  3. Aggie Dude Says:

    George Bush won in 2004 because people felt we needed a president who "understood" the threat of terrorism, and "understood" national security.

    That was used as an excuse to vote for him, and yet they have wrecked our society and given us back no greater level of security. But you cannot PROVE that they have not. That's why bogeymen are so impossible to deal with.

    Bush & Co. didn't actually want to catch Bin Laden, he's much more useful to them out there on the loose, allowing them to do whatever they want. The fact that 9/11 was spun as Clinton's fault and not Bush's (It happened on his watch) demonstrates the stupidity of Americans as a whole.

    9/11 should be over, because the time to have dealt with anger and hatred of our government for their response was years ago. We are neck deep in the consequences now, and yet the media is making the case that Sarah Palin is MORE qualified than Obama (notice they don't mention Joe Biden?) If, with all the evidence of the past year, Americans buy that. We deserve this all.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats fellow Marxists (Angelo and Aggie)! Today is the 7th anniversary when the great satan was struck! We can only hope the imperialist Amerikkka is conquered and BushCo, Cheney, Haliburton, Repukes, Corpocrates are water boarded and imprisoned. Peace and love!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Aggie, that is why I refer to Bin Laden as Goldstein. Dorme bene

  6. Aggie Dude Says:

    Anon, I'm not a Marxist. My theoretical background is grounded in Latour, Boltanski & Thevenot, and French economic sociology, moreso than anything in the German school of philosophy.

  7. devil Says:

    hey Ted, happy Republican Circle-Jerk Day!

    “hand2hand,” OBL is dead and has been for years (kidney failure, or complications brought on thereby). not even his CIA employee health plan could save him.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Good one, Ted.

    It’s about time that Palin is clearly identified as polarizing. So was Bush Jr (and Cheney after 9/11). That’s the strategy–Positive Polarization, is it not? Splits the dems and independents every time.

    Can the McCain organization keep up the level of drama until Nov. 4?

  9. Ted Rall Says:

    Amazing but true, absolutely nothing that has transpired since 9/11 has had anything to do with (a) preventing another attack or (b) capturing any of the perps.

  10. The Reverend Mr. Smith Says:

    The look of the “Ilsa” people is perfect. She’s so frightening that she makes McCain seem like a well-meaning (but misguided) grandfather. I hope to christ he lives out his term(s).

    Soon I will be nostalgic for Dick Cheney.

  11. Angelo Says:


    Osama said that according to his “expertise” in engineering, he thought that the buildings would only collapse down to the level where the planes hit. He admits being surprised and overjoyed when the buildings collapsed “all the way”.

    I wonder what we believe he really had to do with 9-11.

  12. Angelo Says:

    Thanks to Sarracuda tickling America’s fascist funny bone, McCain is up by double digits. congress will act according to this mandate. America, prepare to get what you deserve!

    I got my tickets to Berlin, where I should have gone years ago. I Submitted a rush passport application and my dual citizenship is in process.

  13. Anders Says:

    Ach, I was expecting a cartoon of Salvador Allende proclaiming Sept. 11 to be a day to be remembered forever…

  14. Aggie Dude Says:


    The surge in ‘energy’ and ‘enthusiasm’ created by the media orgy around Sarah Palin is fading fast. In politics, novelty and surprise generally lead to a “surge,” but pay attention to where that surge is and how fast it’s receding. Sarah had her week in the sun, and it’s all downhill from here.

    National polls are irrelevant, because running up the score in Texas doesn’t yield more electoral votes. When the media orgy subsides and substance regains center stage, people will see this for what it is. McCain may have cemented a small group of fundamentalists, but he’s probably lost a substantial amount more.

    It was a Hail Mary pass, a gimmick play. Have fun in Berlin, but this is not over.

  15. cravensworld Says:

    That is such a perfect cartoon. perfect. If you really want to throw up though you should see the Palin buttons they are handing out here. They have taken the iconic Rosie the Riveter picture and put Sarracuda’s face in it. I swear I get barfy every time I see one.

  16. Angelo Says:

    “In politics, novelty and surprise generally lead to a “surge,” but pay attention to where that surge is and how fast it’s receding. Sarah had her week in the sun, and it’s all downhill from here.”

    Aggie, thanks for that, but I think you might be suffering from a pre-2004 mindset.

    On the one hand, I want to say the US is a conservative country, through and through.
    But then I realize that the people who are voting lack the knowledge to even know whether they are conservative or not.
    We have covered this before, here, but it is still a hard one to wrap my brain around. Guess I’m more American than I thought. 😉
    “Currywurst,?? where can I getta Hot dawg?”

  17. The Reverend Mr. Smith Says:

    The definition of irony: Americans fleeing to Berlin to escape oncoming, full-blown fascism.

    I’m jealous.

  18. John Madziarczyk Says:

    The thing that people seem to be forgetting is that Palin is the VP candidate, someone who traditionally had no power whatsoever before Cheney took office. McCain is clearly going to running the ship. If he wasn’t he would’ve picked someone else as his running mate. Palin is bread and circuses for the reactionaries while McCain will keep on keeping on pushing his agenda no matter what comes out of her mouth.

    Ah, Ilsa, how I knew thee….

  19. Aggie Dude Says:

    John, I don’t buy that at all. McCain’s choices since beginning his run for President demonstrate that he will not be running the ship. They demonstrate that he will cave to the extreme right of his party because he understands that they will bury him somewhere in rural South Carolina (I know, that’s redundant) if he doesn’t do exactly what they want him to do.

    And if anyone can be counted on to follow orders, it’s John McCain.

  20. Susan Stark Says:

    Aggie Dude,

    The so-called christian right doesn’t have the power that they had in the eighties.

    They have no choice but to vote for John McCain, because then Barack Obama will win.

    The christian right was just a stepping stone for Republicans to take power, and now they have that power. Case in point: Throughout the eight years of Bush, they had the perfect opportunity to overturn Roe vs. Wade, but didn’t. Because they didn’t care.

  21. Aggie Dude Says:


    The religious right has always been just a way to get ignorant people to vote against their own economic interests. It’s never had real power, because they never got Roe Vs. Wade overturned. This is not because they don’t care, it’s because 1) it’s an effective rally to get these votes, and 2) it would create such a backlash.

    Cultural conservatives are used by the business establishment (including the defense industry) as storm troopers to keep the population of the US so damaged it can’t get anything straight.

  22. Incitatus Says:

    Aggie and Susan,

    Roe v. Wade is a non-issue used at the convenience of the duopoly to rally the obedient masses: in McCain’s case, by choosing Palin, a way to shake up people who might have otherwise slumbered through the election and not helped to maintain the neocons in power.
    Thus, the Republicrats pretend they want to overturn it, and the Demoticans pretend they care.

    The sooner the issue is devolved to the states, the better. Then there would be no way to stir up the evangelicals in South Carolina in support of warmongering McCain this time around, and Obama wouldn’t probably feel the (unnecessary) need to veer in a warmongering direction.

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