Cartoon for August 28

I know this is kind of stupid. But I’m sure the Republicans are already printing up the posters.


16 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That looks nothing like Biden.

  2. Ted Rall Says:

    No, it doesn’t. For one thing, his face is more oval, and rounder, and his forehead is high.

    Getting a caricature right takes me a lot of time.

  3. Anders Says:

    OßAMA ’08
    *Hint: That’s not a “B”.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Has it ever happened?

  5. The Reverend Mr. Smith Says:

    I never thought about it. Obama/Biden =Osama Bin Laden. McCain/Pawlenty=McPlenty.

    Subliminally, we’re screwed.

  6. Incitatus Says:

    Neokons ßuck!

  7. Aggie Dude Says:

    Of course we’re screwed, this is America.

  8. Ted Rall Says:

    Even I couldn’t have predicted Sarah Palin.

    McCain Pale.
    Not Black.

  9. Seth Warren Says:

    Picking Sarah Palin was the republicans’ way of saying, “hey, look, we can make history too!” I admit, I feel a bit sorry for Palin because from what I’ve seen thus far, the mainstream media has wasted no time in transferring their Hillary hatred to her.

  10. The Reverend Mr. Smith Says:

    Would it be sexist of me to use the term “trophy veep”?

  11. Aggie Dude Says:

    I’m pretty convinced McCain wants to see how close he can dance to the edge and still win, if that. Remember ‘peace with honor,’ Ted? I think this election for McCain is “defeat with honor.” I actually don’t believe he wants to win.

    Think in terms of a 72 year old man. If you don’t actually want to win, why not ingratiate the ambitions of a gorgeous young 40-something and secure your pitiful retirement at the same time? He can’t look like he wants to lose, of course, but I just can’t believe he actually thinks he’s going to win.

    This election is going to be a blow-out one way or the other, don’t you think? Either Americans have woken up and smelt the coffee, or they haven’t.

  12. Incitatus Says:

    Palin was actually a smart move on McCain’s part. She’s not a Beltway insider and, being a mother of five, pro-life and pro-gun, will probably call back the Republican base (meaning the people the Republicans dupe every four years), that has drifted because of the Bush fiasco. Being a high-powered female politico will probably attract the urban, non-ideologicallty committed, carrer-driven women.

    In short, this race is starting to get more complicated thatn it seemed a couple of months ago and, like Ted, I fear we might get a recurrence of neocon influence over US foreign policy.

  13. Aggie Dude Says:


    I agree with you on the logic of the pick. But you’re forgetting that God hates women, and the woman’s role in society is to be in the house, serving her man. Therefore to assume that “the base” is going to come back to him over the prospect of a female president is a little stretch.

    This reminds me of the Harriet Myers pick for supreme court justice; it infuriated the base because it embarrassed them.

  14. Incitatus Says:


    Seriously, you can’t be that naive. For a loyal Democrat who wants your party to win, you don’t seem to make an honest effort to understand your opponents, beyond the silliest stereotypes. If those had the faintest proximity to truth, why wouldn’t the Republicans nominate David Duke?

  15. Aggie Dude Says:


    I’m not being naive, I grew up in the Southeastern United States and witnessed in intimate detail the rationale and mindset of these people. Specifically, I am not talking about all or even a majority of republicans. Palin plays to a very specific audience, as did Myers. However, as with Myers, Palin’s qualifications to be president are as laughable as Mike Huckleberry’s, perhaps more.

    David Duke is the type of person who would have been nominated by the people who are now Southern Republicans 50 or 60 years ago (Dixiecrats), and the true nature of the Republican heart actually doesn’t see a problem with Duke. They know his position is now ‘unpopular,’ but most Republicans wouldn’t actually even criticize him that harshly. He’s entitled to his dignified position as a white supremacist (because in these quarters, that’s a dignified position…still). Why do you think Ronald Reagan went to Philadelphia, Mississippi to talk about State’s Rights? Republicans play to the Klan Konstituency very effectively.

    Lastly, the evangelicals that McCain is trying to play to aren’t going to bite on this, because Palin is dangerously unqualified on two of the three pillars of the Reagan coalition; economics and national defense.

    This pick makes me truly believe he wants to lose as a service to his country -and that actually makes him heroic.

    The “silliest” stereotypes you talk about, I have seen first hand all my life. They are indeed silly, and it’s incredibly sad. You’re talking about people who think the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are in Israel.

  16. Edward Says:

    God hates women, and the woman’s role in society is to be in the house, serving her man
    The only people I see demanding women stay at home are on DailyKos and Democratic Underground with comments like this about Gov. Palin:

    “wonder why a mother of five, including a special-needs infant, is more than willing to leave her children behind while she pursues not a 9-to-5 job, or even a demanding career, but a position that will mean all but abandoning the rearing of those children to someone else.”

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