Cartoon for August 18

A sex scandal claims John Edwards, despite the fact that he never campaigned as a “family values” conservative.


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  1. Angelo Says:

    After those do-nothing cops busted that closeted Gay republican, I plastered every liberal blog with protest. I was banned from for defending Larry craig and the other guy in the park.

    I have had it with the sheep. I want to slaughter the sheep. They are hopeless.

    Since they can’t grasp large numbers, they need to be offed by the millions.

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafamily valuesaaaaaaaaaaaaaIm gonna be rich somedayaaaaaaaaawelfare queensaaaaaaaaaaCreationismaaaaaaaaaaamoralsaaaaaaaaaaaaI can have a beer with himaaaaaaaaaaHopeaaaaaaaGasaaaaaaaaaWalmartaaaaaaaaaThank God Bush was president on 9-11aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  2. korean dracula Says:

    Angelo, remember that half the sheep would laugh at that while bleating about how, golly gee, everything is surrrrre gonna change when we get a good Democrat in power.

    The only difference is that with left-of-center sheep, after January 2009 there’s gonna be a lot more BAAAAAW than BAAAAAA. (get it? because they’re gonna be super butthurt over the “surprise” of their entire platform being ignored by the new Democrat administration. I’m so clever!)

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Spitzer was real open minded about sexual promiscuity and lifestyle choices. He ran on his record that included jailing sex workers. Larry Craig talked a good game, but he never sent anyone to jail.

    Technically, Spitzer was in violation of the Mann act. It would be positively out of Dante if he ended up going to the sort of prison they send actual human trafficers. His next experience with sex and commerce would involve his ass and a pack of smokes.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ted is right on with this cartoon, didn’t Newt Gingrich have a whole bunch of wives while telling the country how important family values are?

  5. Incitatus Says:

    As the resident non-American, I have to ask: did Edwards drag his poor wife along for the contrition act, or did he opt for the solo Clinton manouevre?

  6. Incitatus Says:

    Anonymous @8/18/08 5:56 PM is exactly right and one thing I can’t understand is the militants giving a benevolent pass to Spitzer’s hypocrisy because he talked the talked and was tough on “corporate crime”, i.e., prosecuted people for inside tracking (all the more ironic if done by ones such as Aggie Dude, who wants to outlaw the stock market – and calls Ron Paul a wacko!).

    I’m no one to make demands from Ted, and the cartoons are still funny, but can we get back to Afghanistan and Iraq, were people are still being butchered regularly?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    “Ted is right on with this cartoon, didn’t Newt Gingrich have a whole bunch of wives while telling the country how important family values are?”
    – anon.8/18/08 9:01 PM

    He tried to get his first wife to sign divorce papers while she was in a hospital bed…I didn’t care about Gingrich the Person; Politician Gingrich was bad enough!

    – Strelnikov

  8. Kurt Says:

    It was me that called Ron Paul a whacko. I did that because he is a racist and his political and economic stances are based on fantasy rather than reality. He believes that corporations will self-regulate, in spite of the fact that with each round of deregulation, companies do more illegal and stupid shit (like importing Mexican peppers known to be covered with bacteria). He thinks that roads, rail roads and other essential services should be privatized, yet since the dawn of time, ALL transportation has been subsidized and when it is in private hands, that power is abused. He thinks all electrical service and transmission should be privatized, in spite of the fact that California has privatized public utilities, and PG&E charges the highest rate for electricity in the U.S. at $.33 per kwh average for residential customers (the average home in the US uses over 1500kwh per month, which means that electricity in this model would cost just about $500 a month for most Americans). I have a house with as little on the grid as possible in PG&E territory and it costs $200 a month for electricity.

    Ron Paul also has spoken at John Birch Society meetings, at Council of Conservative Citizens (AKA White Citizens Council), and the Texas numerous secesionist groups. He wrote a monthly column for a Neo-Nazi group for years. He has called Brown V. Board of Education a disaster. He is a nut job. I heard the guy talk at Abilene Christian University back in 1988. He only sort of disguised his racism and his distain for the the first amendment. I know you love the guy, and this isn't personal… but the guy creeps me out and he has ties to the worst of the right.

  9. Incitatus Says:


    I don’t “love” the guy, he wasn’t running for office in my country, for crying out loud! I just think he made a lot of sense, foreign policy and economics wise, at least judging from the texts I read and the videos I watched and he had the best stance on the Middle East wars out of all pre-candidates running. And that, I repeat, should the most important concern of American voters, let alone us colonials.

    Now, all the supposedly horrible things you mention about him, and please don’t take this personally, sound a lot like the accusations Limbaugh-heads lob at Hillary or Obama (the closet Muslim angle, particularly). The racist-baiting from the left is as vicious as was the red-baiting from the right in the 50s. Not wanting to sound like a Wikipedia cliché, but would you care to provide references, particularly, to those monthly columns he wrote for the Neo-Nazi group? As far I know, this all boils down to somewhat unsavory remarks published on his newsletter by his staffer. I mean, I like my conspiracy theories just like anyone else, but I prefer mine believable.

    As an aside, do you also consider Aggie’s plan to get rid of the stock market and turn IBM into a family business wacky? And don’t worry, I can’t take anything personally, we’re just two guys thousands of miles apart who disagree on some issues, and you’re a polite dude. Some of your ideological colleagues could take a lesson in civility, though.

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