Cartoon for July 31

Even as the war in Afghanistan becomes more deadly, Obama pledges to send more troops.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    That is TRULY AWESOME!

    I hope in November you get what you want and Obama is defeated like the imperfect scumbag you’ve clearly shown him to be!

    Keep up the great work, TED. We’re almost there!

  2. Anonymous Says: They should all be executed, but Pelosi is a collaborator. Dorme bene.

  3. Jesus X. Crutch Says:

    The place where empires go to die?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ted, any comments on that Rand Corporation letter??

  5. Kevin Moore Says:


    Sorry I missed ya while you were in town. I had to be all “parental” to my kids, sheesh.

  6. Jesus X. Crutch Says:

    Anonymous @ 2:30, if Obama loses in Nov. because of critical Ted Rall cartoons then he’s probably not that awesome to begin with. Evidenced by developments in the past few months I think he needs all the help he can get to find his way back to the progressive values that were advertised pre-primaries. Or, we could just shut the fuck up and accept whatever kind of Bush-lite that come our way.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    As it appears to be the “End Times”, I figured I’d let you in on who I think they should have questioned as a possible match for John Doe #2. Remember him?? He was the guy that was with McVeigh. He’s the cop at the bottom left of the screen. The # 1062-108 is on his chest as he gives a full frontal and profile shot of his face. Google the artist sketch of Mr. Doe and you’ll see what I mean. This has been bugging me since I saw the Perp walk way back in 1994. I expect to be sent to Gitmo soon. Dorme Bene….

  8. Clownstotheleftjokerstotheright Says:

    Punny. Very punny.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    It’s clear that the government caused 9/11, at least the “NeoCon” part. How far will it go?

    I’m voting for Obama, but if he loses, is assassinated, hamstrung by the government or gets turned into a traitor-puppet like Pelosi…America has ended.

    The choice then is to flee or fight. We know better than to talk about anything “extralegal” online, period, we’ll have to search in our hearts for what is right.

  10. Aggie Dude Says:

    Nothing outrageous is going to happen, tomorrow we will have more of the same, just more of it.

    If you can’t pick the better of these two candidates you’re an idiot. But on the other hand, Wal Mart has made it clear who they’re voting for.

    I bet that endorsement has given McCain a huge edge in towns all across the south, where wal mart is the only viable shopping option for residents.

    America is already done, we just haven’t realized it yet.

  11. Greenguy Says:

    What makes me sad is that Ted, you are quite astute in your understanding of the nature of American politics, but your readership (as evidenced by comments here) is rarely so. I blame this on the lack of a historically radical, class-conscious political party in the US.

    People are still exhibiting the symptoms I have seen every four years – that This Time It Will Be Different. Go check up on Obama’s donors on Check his advisers and record. He is a mainstream, centrist, ruling class politician who happens to be a good speaker and has a crack strategist on his team or ten telling him how to win votes. He’s going to – *gasp* – continue the policies of the American ruling class, albeit with nicer prose than George W. Bush. It shows how desperate people are when they can’t smell the bullshit coming out of Obama’s mouth.

    Just remember kiddies, Karl Marx said it best 160 years ago – “the state is merely the executive committee of the ruling class.” I just hope you enjoy the new CEO come November.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    We only need one law on the books: Abuse of discretion. That would cover abuse of authority, greed, murder, etc. The problem is that the only laws they pass legalize particular abuses, particularly those of the law givers.

    This cartoon makes me sad in many ways. That’s not a criticism of the cartoon at all. It is quite poignant. One involving McCain’s disregard for life would be trickier because he is a cartoon.

    As Lily Tomlin said via one of her characters, “I tried being cynical but I could not keep up.”

  13. Anonymous Says:


    When Uncle Karl said “the state is merely the executive committee of the ruling class” was he making an observation or proposing the way he thought things ought to be?

    In every situation where its been applied, Marxism has created more elitism than its destroyed. Political leaders controlling business or business leaders controlling politics; its 6 of one and a half dozen of the other. Communism gives this dysfunctional arrangement force of law. Besides, capitalists can only send you to the gulag if you’re Muslim.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous@7/31/08 10:48 PM still believes that Obama is not “hamstrung by the government or gets turned into a traitor-puppet“.

    This country’s moral bankruptcy is at its peak.

  15. Aggie Dude Says:

    When Uncle Karl said “the state is merely the executive committee of the ruling class” was he making an observation or proposing the way he thought things ought to be?

    Answer: he was making an observation. Marx himself was giving a descriptive analysis of realities he saw in Europe in the mid-19th Century. Taylorism and industrial authoritarianism are more to blame for the Soviet Union than Marx himself is. Though, it’s convenient for us to blame Marx, so we don’t have to blame people like Henry Ford.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    The NATO countries are willing to send their sons there. Should the U.S. be any less?

  17. djelimon Says:

    Unlike Iraq, Afghanistan/Pakistan actually was connected to the elements behind 9/11 and Pakistan does run madrassas promoting the jihadist brand of Islam (Afghanistan, not so much).

    That said, the Northern Alliance seems to be ready to takeover. Only problem is they make money from the heroine trade, (which the Taliban opposed).

    I say split the difference, legalize marijuana and hashish (the only other cash crop Afghanistan ever produced) and let the Northern Alliance grow that. That will pretty much seal the deal in terms of popular support. Then root out the Taliban leadership, Al-Qaeda too. This is not occupation work, this is counterinsurgency, but I think it really is warranted and does have multilateral backing.

    Also, roll back the privatization of the military. The support trades have all gone over to private concerns like Haliburton and Kellog Browning Root. These are the real winners of the GWOT and they are the ones draining the treasury.

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