The Truth is Still Out There
posted by Susan Stark

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here as a guest blogger, but I just wanted to remind everyone to go see the new “X-Files” movie coming out.

Many of the critics are panning the movie, because what they are describing is that it’s more about Mulder and Scully than any supernatural plot.

But it’s a tad unfair to criticize Chris Carter, the creator of the series, for not putting enough supernatural in the movie. The Bush presidency has been nothing but one eight-year long X-File, and it’s hard for Mr. Carter to top that. You have to remember that the “X-Files” was basically a 90s series.

I did not get into 90s culture very well. I didn’t care for grunge rock, and I didn’t have enough computer literacy to start a dot-com. But the “X-Files” is a stunning exception. Mulder and Scully were a welcome presence in my home for many years, and it would be inexcusable for me not to go and pay them a visit after six years of not seeing them.

No matter what the critics say.


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  1. Kate Says:

    I’ve heard that some people think the film is offensive to gays, but I don’t see how it’d be offensive to gay people unless they are also pedophiles. And there are heterosexual pedophiles too, of course — in fact, aren’t they the majority?

    The cinematography was lovely, especially the winter light that progresses slowly from a subtle dusk glow to partial sunlight to very early spring at the end, and then continues in the almost-abstract ending credits. (And do sit through all the credits.) I love the way the camera caught the winter light on the actors’ faces, sometimes with a faint flush on the cheeks, sometimes with light shining almost through Scully’s eyes from an angle. And many other details in the imagery (weather, set design, etc.) fit together beautifully with the music, the story, the backstory, the relationships…

    The dialog was clever and often humorous … the mystery and crime aspects were suitably chilling and creepy … the music was classic Snow as in the TV episodes.

    And I liked the exploration of Scully and Mulder’s relationship, which depicted a deep trust and respect and yet always an edge in there upon which either one’s heart could be cut. That vulnerability is frightening in real life to anyone who loves another person, and it’s captured and lovingly explored in this film, and adds to the viewer’s tension and then later resolution.

    I left the theater feeling satisfied and happy, and will definitely see it again sometime, though not in the theater (too expensive).

  2. Susan Stark Says:

    Excellent critique, Kate. Just for the cinematography alone, the movie should have been given three stars.

    As for the “gay” part, I think that that the two villains were just villains, and that they just happened to be gay. But then maybe this is what bumped the movie down to two stars.

    I hope the film does well enough for a sequel, possibly with Scully finding her son, and some 2012 themes addressed (although I’m not a doomsday kinda person).

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