Cartoon for July 21

John McCain made a big fuss about opposing Bush on torture. But then Bush signed one of his infamous “signing statements” promising to ignore the law banning torture. McCain, victim of political expediency and sucking up to Bush, stayed mum.


9 Responses to “”

  1. volle Says:

    Spot on, Ted!

  2. Clownstotheleftjokerstotheright Says:

    A fair point and a good cartoon.

  3. absolva mae Says:

    Amen! Tell the truth!!!! Keep on!!! Way to go!

  4. Aggie Dude Says:

    Americans were hurt and upset about 9/11, and that justifies them doing anything they want to do…they’re victims….unlike the Vietnamese. Oh and there’s that one difference about “them” being “the enemy”….of course, “they” are always “the enemy” it seems? which of course does not account for what happens when “we” become “them” to “them,” and what if “them” is in a position to have us over a barrel?

    Oh the simplicity of Jason’s mind…if only I could have it.

    What all of McCain’s compromises demonstrate is that he’s a complete tool of his party, a real trooper.

    What that should tell us (see Frank Rich’s latest op-ed) is that McCain will tote the party line completely…but military men being co-opted by business to pacify the public in a time of avarice and greed is nothing new (see: Grant; Eisenhower).

  5. Kurt Says:

    I want that incredibly long lasting battery for my iPhone!

  6. Thomas Daulton Says:

    I just praised your comic of July 19 as “the best Rall cartoon in a decade” but this one seems to be angling for second-place! The ones from several years back [about: the milkshake price changing with the outside temperature; or how we can’t compete in the 21st Century global marketplace without child labor]… hmmmm. Or maybe your one about dualism versus global warming. Tough choice. Well those are my “greatest-hits” list. Add these recent two to that list.

  7. Kevin Moore Says:

    Definitely in the top ten. Great toon!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I’d like to see “Cocaine’n’Booze W.” meet his future self, “Born-again W.”

  9. Incitatus Says:

    What comment by Jason are yu replying to, Aggie? It seems like a dog ate it…

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