Coupla Things, Plus a Question

I’ve been feeling like crap since Tuesday. It started after I finished my usual run. Because I started out later than usual, it was blazing hot. I felt pretty dehydrated afterward, so I later attributed what ensured to heat exhaustion: fever, chills, aches, pains, restlessness. Only later did I realize the roadside enchilada I ate after my run might have prompted actual food poisoning. I’ve gotten deadly diarrhea in the past, especially in Asia, but never actual food poisoning as far as I know. In any event, the last five days have unfolded like the greatest hits of Things That Often Make Ted Feel Sick: fever, more fever, cold sweats, sore throat, ear aches, congestion, small cough.

I still have the sore throat and the fever, though the fever isn’t as bad and I’m drinking ginger tea to soothe my throat. That got me through a weekend during which I had to draw the fifth installment of my Vote Theft cartoon series (written by Greg Palast, drawn and composed by yours truly). Oh, and it hurts to hold my pen now. That’s always good when you’re a cartoonist.

Forget the suggestion to learn how to draw with my left hand! Some people might think I use my ass to draw my cartoons, but really, this is as good as I get. With my right hand.

Anyway, first thing: Comics critic Alan David Doane named me no. 2 in his answers to the Comics Reporter’s request that its readers “name five cool, patriotic things about comics”. (You have to scroll down a bit).

It’s a nice mention, and a rare one at CR, a site that largely ignores political cartooning. Thanks, Alan (and Tom).

Then there’s this suggestion for economic stimulus. If asked, I will serve. But I want 15% of the gross. This could be the biggest Pay Per View spectacular ever!

Finally, my question (sorry for being so longwinded; I’m enjoying my newfound relative sentience): many readers receive my print syndicated cartoons via the Ted Rall Subscription Service by email. The current rate is a mere $25/year. Would you pay for a weekly animated cartoon by me? How much?


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Unless you’re also pouring our of both ends, it’s not food poisoning. I couldn’t even hold down water… and when I was dry, I was dry heaving. Nothing sucks like food poisoning and I’ve had it twice.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The ‘this’ suggesting for economic stimulus link goes to the comics reporter page.

    I’m curious to know about said economic stimulus suggestion. especially if it could be the biggest pay per view spectacular ever!

  3. Ted Rall Says:

    Oops. Link fixed.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I would like you to pay me …. please its hard out there and i’m struggling.

  5. Shinsengumihunter Says:

    Good to know that the idea of leftist show trials didn’t die with Stalin and Mao.

    Seriously, what makes you folks better than rightists again?

  6. Ted Rall Says:

    “Seriously, what makes you folks better than rightists again?”

    We care about ordinary people, not corporations.

  7. Angelo Says:

    Ted, I did not see the question until the second read (a day later).

    My answer:
    I would pay
    (price of a venti americano * 5 * 4)
    per month.

  8. silentecho Says:

    I know the relationship between intelligent content and advertising revenue is inversely proportional, but I will ask this anyway…Did you consider an advertising platform for your animated cartoons? I am a student, and these are tough(er) times. But, Good luck on the effort!

  9. Ted Rall Says:

    Internet ad rates are approximately 1/200th of what would be necessary to make a short, no-frills Flash animation break even on costs alone. It’s gotta be financed either by clients and/or fans, or it won’t happen.

  10. Anders Says:

    To what music would you want your cartoons set to in a TV-montage?
    WMM is a crap program, but it gets the job done. (DEATH TO MACS! DEATH TO MACS! RAH RAH RAH!)

  11. Clownstotheleftjokerstotheright Says:

    Good answer Ted. Still, I think Shin has a point. If your tactics against those you appose are the same as their’s (even jokingly), maybe there really is little difference. Again, talking about tactics and not ideologies.

  12. Clownstotheleftjokerstotheright Says:

    Man, I just can’t type (or spell) for s**t! Sorry about “appose” 9whatever that is)! Clearly, I mean oppose.

  13. Jana C.H. Says:

    I’d pay five bucks a month because I’m a cartoon junkie, I like animation, and I know how good your cartoons are. If it were someone else’s cartoons I’d want to read them for a while before deciding.

    Jana C.H.
    Saith Floss Forbes: If you don’t know the tune, sing tenor.

  14. Beth Wellington Says:

    I have only been able to find part 1 of steal the vote. Are the other 4 available somewhere I missed?

  15. Beth Wellington Says:

    P.S. hope you’re feeling better…

  16. Philly Fan Says:


    I actually don’t read the cartoons you send me – I like the joy of going to your site to see the day’s cartoon. Even if I already have it.


    – Your Fan

  17. Angelo Says:

    I like the joy of going to your site to see the day’s cartoon. Even if I already have it.

    I think I would be the same way.

  18. Angelo Says:

    oops, forgot to divide by two!

    the idea is that I should be willing to pay half of what I pay for starbucks.
    (The comics enrich my life, but I need the coffee to survive.)

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