Cartoon for June 21

Cell phone companies require us to guess how many minutes we’ll use during a long period of time, and risk getting charged fines for going over. What if this structure spreads to other businesses?


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  1. Greenguy Says:

    Cell phone pricing plans are a scam, which is why I use digital phone at home (no fees and flat rate long distance!) and a prepaid cell phone so I can judge how many minutes I want.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    And on the average sedentary but excessive diet, the first 250 days are bought. On the other hand 500 days are provided by the second. You are either starving or waste- (or WAIST) ign.

  3. david essman Says:

    love this one!

    What if paying for gas was like cell phone plans? and you’d be fixed to one company. Can’t go to a BP with out suffering a contract breakage fee..

    AOL used to charge hourly fees(in the early early days), although it wasn’t quite like the cell phone companies.. with step overage penalties.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Internet companies are testing the waters. Time Warner is test marketing plans based on your monthly downloads. They claim 5% of the users are using 95% of the bandwidth, so it’s only right they pay more. Of course Time Warner won’t disclose any numbers to back up what they say.

  5. Angelo Says:

    It always gets me when people blame themselves for going over, or not using enough.
    Especially when I do it.

  6. Angelo Says:

    I always ask sprint and t-mobile if they can just stop me from making calls if my minutes run out. They can’t.

  7. Incitatus Says:

    This is really outrageous! What other outfit would ever have the audacity of charging a hefty feww a prior, with no guarantee of service and stiff you with a heavy penalty shoulf you forfeit that payment?


  8. Anonymous Says:

    My heart is broken. Someone has kidnapped my hero, the angry young Latchkey Kid, and replaced him with a soft, mildly bemused Andy McRooney. Maybe your next cartoon could be about why are there so many brands of bottled water.

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