Cartoon for May 10

Barack Obama delivers an amazing speech–when he reads it. When he talks off the cuff, however, it’s a painful experience. He…just…seems…so…desperate…not…to…risk…making…a…mistake.


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  1. Angelo Says:

    OR maybe he is trying to convince us, subconsciously, that he is Steven Hawkings.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Barack Obama has become a dues-paying member of “The Slow Talkers of America,” established several decades ago by Bob and Ray.
    John McCain, poster boy for long-term PTSD, will continue to shuck and jive, bob and weave, Rope-a-dope, and warp facts and history in order to gain the power of the Oval Office and GET EVEN, ONCE AND FOR ALL, WITH THOSE COMMIE BASTARDS IN HANOI. If ever there was an example of cause and effect, look at what George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have done as a result of early toilet training (of lack of) and as yet undiagnosed severe mental illness.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe he’s being careful until November when after he has the white house in the bag he can speak as he wants without consequence. If you think there will be, look at bush, does what he wants, no consequences.

    Heck Clinton got away with it, too.

    And President Hello-Kitty will not have to deal with a Clinton sized hate machine. So after November he can be candid, if he wants.


  4. Ted Rall Says:

    Yes. Maybe. But probably not.

  5. John Madziarczyk Says:

    If he wasn’t so fucking nuts I’d relish seeing a takedown of Obama by McCain. I have a feeling that after seeing the Republican Party in action that people aren’t going t be calling the back and forth between Clinton and Obama harmful bickering any longer.

  6. ellwort Says:

    Ted –
    I love what you do, but do you really want to be US president? Shit – I sure don’t. But, compared to the last twenty-eight years, I’d rather have a president who has the thought happen BEFORE the mouth starts moving.
    Are all your – excellent – cartoons firstdraft=lastdraft print?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    its your website ted; but the speech he gave after the Wright thing had so many “unorthodox” features for a US political speech that it has to be considered new. this man is unorthodox and I think if he wins he will probably be a different (read as : better) president than the last two.

    there are a lot of things to cover along with these guys as well ted; you can mention Pakistan; Sharif is back 🙂 and then there’s that ugly Burmese junta. Take your pick.

    Cheers man


  8. Aggie Dude Says:

    There are only consequences for adults, not the children that have taken over this country like physically overgrown Hitler Youth. Obama will get no free pass the way John McCain will, the way Republicans always do.

    Republicans are management, and management always skirts the accountability they constantly bitch about.

    Case in point….we have a sitting War Criminal in Chief, and the mere mention of his criminality evokes perpetual defensiveness amongst people who even claim to not support him.


    We’re trained to accept the double standard.

    Doomed Ted….DOOOOOOOMED

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not sure that there is much to say to these media prima donnas. What passes for political discourse these days is not even a good joke… it is way beyond the absurd. If doing well in these situations is the test of the adequacy of a candidate, we are screwed. These are phony situations. We need to keep that in mind. I do not expect much improvement in the dialog between the press and politicians but I think ours is a very distorted process at this time and, eventually, will change if only because folks will tire of it.

    I have plenty of reservations about Obama but I also have to recognize that he has put together a very effective campaign organization. That is non-trivial and indicates that he can assemble a team and that he operates effectively in the kind of venues where decisions are made. Still, in many respects he and his closest advisors are unknown and untested.

    I am less worried about a candidate’s ability to respond to bogus issues than I am about any candidate or person who claims that they know how to solve the very serious issues that we are all facing. People know what they are but it is not clear that they are ready to deal with them yet. Even if you have a clue as to the nature of a solution, it is a matter of being easier said than done. Claiming otherwise trivializes what is at stake and what it will take to make a real difference.

    To me, this suggests that “unknown and untested” applies to all the candidates and their advisors. Those most firmly entrenched in the status quo are also those most likely to think that their approach is sound and only some minor adjustment is necessary.

    I’m not sure people in this country are really ready to make the kind of changes that are necessary. Eventually they will have to be ready. Right now, my take is that everyone is still wishing for a magic bullet but I think that many are getting tired of this “strong man/daddy” crap that started with Reagan. Maybe they will go for the “strong man/grandpa/angry old man” version this time but they will quickly learn that it won’t work either.

    Inflation is taking off. Good jobs for young folks are hard to come by. The baby boomers will soon be retiring in droves. Something will have to give and they’ve already played the “let’s have a war” card.

  10. The Reverend Mr. Smith Says:

    What is he really going to get done with a Republican cabinet? I say “is” because it’s looking entirely possible that he’ll be the president. Especially if he and The Mummy go on their pre-election US tour together. People are shallow, count on it. However, he’s the far least of 3 evils, and I’ll settle for that. Yep, Barack Obama is one middle-aged white woman running mate away from Jimmy Carter’s second term. Huzzah!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Aggi dude, the Nazi jokes are old. But Funny. LOLz all around.

    Seriously though man, if Obie-Wan-Barockie gets elected; by the time he gets there, the right wing hate machine; Coulter, Limbaugh, Talk Radio, et al will stand so discredited (because you can feel amongst many Americans that they are) that they will be beyond the capacity to run or fight any more.

    Obama will have more problems, but not a Clinton sized Right Wing hate going on. His supporters will also have his racein favour for them to scream down the Right.



  12. ellwort Says:

    Maybe you’d prefer the half-cocked guy who resembles the half-cocked guy in the White House tonight?

  13. Seth Warren Says:

    Everyone claims that John McCain is Bush’s third term waiting to happen, and I don’t doubt that, but recently, the Obama campaign did something that made me think, “gee…is this guy the Bush of the left?”

    Barack Obama plans on declaring victory in the race for the Democratic nomination for himself on May 20th. Up until this point, I was ready to “hold my nose” and vote for the guy if he was the nominee. However, in a race where he only has a .25% percent lead in the popular vote and not enough delegates to clench the nomination (it’s not a majority of delegates that’s needed, it’s a “magic” number), he is ready to tell the remaining states that their votes don’t matter and declare victory? Not in MY party, jackass.

    The first time I ever voted in a federal election was in 2000 (I had just turned 20). We all remember what happened there, and I will not support any candidate or politician willing to re-open that old would or create a new one to match it. If Obama is the nominee, I’m writing in a candidate or simply, “VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE.”

    As far as I’m concerned, Barack Obama just made one too many mistakes.

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