Cartoon for May 5

Hillary Clinton’s waning presidential campaign claims that she is in the lead. But you have to use her “New Math,” which doesn’t count delegates. It counts the total primary popular vote, and includes the states of Michigan and Florida, neither of which count. In Michigan, Obama wasn’t even on the ballot.


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  1. heatkernel Says:

    cool idea, my only quibble would be that your last panel robs Michael Freedman of credit for actually proving the four-dimensional Poincare conjecture (in the early 80s). Or maybe that’s part of the joke (Hillary not only robs others of election victories but also robs a mathematician of credit for a proof?)

  2. Seth Warren Says:

    Now, wait just a minute…Florida and Michigan had their delegates stripped, but the Democratic voters in these states still exist. Furthermore, while candidates were not allowed to campaign in either state, they weren’t actually required to remove their names from the ballot. So, Hillary Clinton legitimately won both states (and there’s no way in Michigan to determine if “uncommitted” means Barack Obama or John Edwards or just that: uncommitted). Delegate counts – especially now – are not proportional to state populations. The popular vote is what should matter to superdelegates when it all comes down to the wire (but probably won’t).

    So, yes Hillary Clinton is technically ahead in the popular vote, despite being behind in delegates. This does not mean she is winning though – her lead (approximately 100,000) is a “fart in the wind” that Obama may very well blow back to his side after tomorrow evening. The mainstream media has been erroneously ignoring the fact that only delegates, not actual voters were stripped from Michigan and Florida, making every instance since the Pennsylvania primary where they’ve said Obama was ahead in the popular vote a flat out lie.

  3. devil Says:

    LOL @ “dowdy corporeal form”

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Huchabee! Huckabee! Huckabee!! in 08.

  5. Edward Says:

    Ah the sweet irony of the Democratic primary. Now popular votes don’t count, it’s the delegates. But wait, the delegates don’t count either, because the super delegates can over turn the delegates. This is so precious. You people can’t even run your own primary. What a bunch of idiots!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Remember the classic cartoon of a long-haired, homeless-looking man carrying a sign saying “The End is Near?” It no longer matters who is (s)elected President of the Divided States of America. We allowed a powerful, wealthy subculture of home-grown terrorists to kidnap the Presidency and lay waste to every balance that kept our country from self-destructing. Just LOOK at John McCain’s grossly wealthy (Bush’s base, by the way), plastic trophy wife and his 90-something plastic mother. They will hunch over and tell us peasants what is good for us. We can all live in stadiums and be happier than when we had our own homes. Look up! See that moon-sized comet heading our way? Yes, it’s the George W. Bush comet. Its trajectory toward earth was jump-started by the state of Florida and the Supremely Corrupt and Compromised Court in December, 2000. 9-11? A drop in the bucket. Natural disasters pale in comparison to the George-W-Bush-is-our-President minstrel show. Fellow ‘Mericans, it isn’t enough to reject a home on our precious soil to the George W. Bush Presidential Library. We must insist that the George W. Bush Presidential Library be built in Saudi Arabia. Nothing, absolutely nothing, would be more appropriate. The exterior should be entirely ‘crude-oil black’ with human bones imbedded in all surfaces. And a huge permanent message above the entrance: “Ah’m a Uniter, not a Divider; Ah’m the War President; Mission Accomplished!” Arrrggghhhhh!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ted, any comments on the pending Russia/Georgia conflict?? How about Addington finally getting subpoenaed?? Rock on, Mofo!!!!

  8. Angelo Says:

    You people can’t even run your own primary. What a bunch of idiots!

    they have more in common with you than us, edward.

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