Cartoon for May 3

The most recently leaked Bush Administration memos rely on a novel argument: something that’s illegal won’t be punished if the person committing the crime says he was trying to stop a terrorist attack. You could be appalled–or you could use this legal nonsense yourself.


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  1. Angelo Says:

    more useful legal advice from Ted!

    This beats keeping a bag of coke in the glove box in case you get pulled over for speeding.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ted, this is a bit off topic, but your satire isn’t that funny, since working for George Bush is enough to get you out of a ticket/criminal charges- even before he took the White House…

    “The Bushies raced to respond. Media man Mark McKinnon, strung out from anxiety and sleep deprivation, flew from Austin to South Carolina to make a spot ad, jumped in a rental car with a cameraman and drove 85mph in the wrong direction. He turned around and drove 110mph, nearly hitting a car pulling out onto the highway. The car was driven by a policeman. “We’re going to jail for attempted vehicular homicide,” McKinnon said to the cameraman, who was driving. The policeman let them off with a warning once he learned that they were working for Bush. They filmed the candidate and raced to the airport, where they missed a flight while McKinnon screamed at balky security guards.”

    This was from a Newsweek article published shortly after the election. McKinnon was the one who revealed it to Newsweek, incidentally.

    Further confirmation can be found in Stuart Stevens’s “The Big Enchilada” (Stuart was an employee of the Bush campaign and, presumably, remains a Bush supporter.)

    One wonders why this isn’t public knowledge…

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