Here We Go Again, Again

I have a question for Jeff Gordinier. Is it weird to get paid to write a book someone else has already written?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What do you do Ted, Google the phrase “you’re really a liberal” and then look for any new books that turn up?
    You’re not the only one with this concept, you know.

    I reiterate, you sound bitter and it doesn’t suit you.

  2. Chuck Berry Says:

    I have the same question for Keith Richards.

  3. Ted Rall Says:

    I don’t own the concept that Americans are more liberal than they think. Not even hardly.

    But when you write a book a few years after another one came out and present some of its structure and basic arguments as if they were your own, well, a hat tip in the introduction would probably be appropriate.

    I did that in “Attitude 1.” I ripped off the format from several previous titles that I mentioned in intros and in interviews.

    On the other hand, Alterman’s book is worse than mine. So I should probably be grateful.

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