Cartoon for February 23

Even Democratic commentators confuse Obama’s name with another guy who’s incredibly famous and charismatic (though not exactly as much of a charmer). Name recognition matters!

11 Responses to “”

  1. John Madziarczyk Says:

    Off topic, but you know that Turkey has invaded northern Iraq right?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Stupid cartoon … I normally like your work!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Very creative! There cannot be anything better than this to use the most obvious fact of the name confusion. You deserve a Pulitzer for this!

  4. Anders Says:

    “Arnolf Hitler for President!”

  5. Aggie Dude Says:

    you know the republicans are going to run subliminal ads linking Barack Hussein Obama to both Osama and Hussein….it’ll probably credibly work. It’s about that mass of people who vote and don’t really pay attention to the candidates.

    In the 1990s in North Carolina there were thousands of rednecks from down-east who voted for Harvey Gant against Jesse Helms and thought he was a white guy (Harvey Grant was a NASCAR driver in the 1970s, Harvey Gant was a longtime mayor of Charlotte, NC who is black).

    I really hope that McCain drinks the poison and recognizes they’re not supposed to compete in this election, because if republicans really want to win it, this is going to be disgustingly ugly.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not as complex as playing with Obama’s name. The real movers and shakers and decision makers (this includes conservatives and liberals) have decided that America needs an ‘edge’ in making nice with the people who bring us oil and terrorism: one of their own in America’s highest public office. George W. Bush and Dick “Darth” Cheney completely bungled it up with their testosterone-enhanced bullying and war crimes passed off (and accepted) as Homeland Security and fighting the terrorists there instead of here. So, we might have an Barack HUSSEIN OBAMA as President. See? One of ‘theirs.’ Anything to rid America of the foul, putrid smell and taste of allowing a total fuckup incompetent to remain in the White House for EIGHT YEARS!

  7. G. Says:

    If only Hillary had that kind of name recognition!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I hope if Obama becomes President, he doesn’t enact OPBW. That’s Operation Pay Back Whitey.

  9. kurt Says:

    How can most people pay attention to a candidate? After reading NYT, The Post and my local papers all year everyday, all I can conclude is that our election is a mix of a sporting event and a beauty pagent. The closest thing to actually discussing what the candidates were actually interested in doing was when Barack said that Hillary was going to garnish people’s wages to pay for health care… And that was as much as I got, since the whole article was how that statement would effect polling. We should all be ashamed… Even the Op/Ed pages are focused on how people campaign and other fluff. Maybe thats why John Edwards got ignored… it was too hard to report on a candidate with views and plans.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    “I hope if Obama becomes President, he doesn’t enact OPBW. That’s Operation Pay Back Whitey.”

    But he IS “Whitey”…nobody in Africa or Haiti would consider him black; in Jamaica or present-day South Africa he would be called “coloured” due to his “white” mother. All I want from the man is enough openmindedness to end the slaughter in Iraq, close down Gitmo, figure out some decent policy in Afghanistan, and keep the US from imploding. I think he could be browbeaten into doing a lot of those things.

    – Strelnikov

  11. Angelo Says:

    All I want from the man is enough openmindedness to end the slaughter in Iraq…

    Can you imagine the screams from the right if we actually started pulling out? “Our boys died for Iraq, and you’re just throwing their sacrifice away?”. And this is to say nothing of the impirial drives keeping the US in the region. McCain is right. We will be there forever. I’m sure Obama knows all of this.

    …and keep the US from imploding.

    Why? Maybe it needs to implode again so that Americans begin to care again. Why delay the inevitable?

    just musing, a bit. I will be voting for Obama if there is any doubt about where California will go.

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