Cartoon for February 18

The government wants to use “evidence” collected during waterboarding to execute Guantánamo POWs.

Since waterboarding sometimes kills, this prompts a strange yet obvious question: Can evidence gathered through waterboarding be used to retroactively convict a detainee murdered through waterboarding?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh comon’ A little water splahed on their faces. They can probably use the refreshing dip after having the snot slapped out of them, right? The President said it’s O.K. As you can see from the pic in the next blog. He’s a compassionate, and passionate guy.

  2. JerBer Says:

    As I read the NY Times article, I thought that the death penalty is the last punishment to give a suicide attacker. Lifelong imprisonment is much more effective.
    It will be interesting if any of the “evidence” will be made public. Those goons go on and on about how they’ve accumulated so much useful evidence that never can come to light because of “national security”.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    the simple fact that the conditions endured at gitmo during years long “info gathering”… these conditions are worse than any sentence would have been that came with a speedy conviction.
    a speedy conviciton of ANY crime would merit less severe reprisal than they receive while merely being interrogated.


    brevity. it’s a gift some people have.

  4. Minotaur Says:


    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 24(2) is spot on relevant to this matter and makes the policy at root explicit.

    Section 24(2) “…evidence shall be excluded if … admission of it …would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.”

    I think the people supporting this Kangaroo Kourt Krap in Gitmo are really missing the idea that, even if we could all agree that the human cost was somehow worthwhile, use of torture will destroy or has destroyed the credibility of the US justice system.

    That cost seems astronomical in light of the dubious gain from a conviction.

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