Cartoon for December 1

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10 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m looking forward to pissing on his grave.

  2. Susan Stark Says:

    Namibia, Ted? Oh I really do hope so.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yes this president will accomplish much in his last year. His mastery of bipartisan polotics is going to pay off big time! And we the people will be the big winners.

  4. MBG Says:

    I thought they were buying land in South America. Paraguay? Uruguay? Somewhere without US extradition.

  5. Angelo Says:

    moderator, why do you let wankers like the last anonymous on this comment page post at will.
    In Wake Up, there was that great anecdote where some jackass needed to be shut up, lest he ruin the productive conversation that was taking place. Can’t you see they have no interest in furthering the conversation? They just try to get us to explain, again, the 2000 election and other earth-is-round-isms in an attempt to derail the conversation. They do not read the articles, and make up stuff that they supposedly read (eg, the American Renewal Act would be something the president would sign, but the wankers swear the article calls for the president to bypass congress to enact it). In other blogs these people are labeled trolls. I prefer “wanker”.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Angel maybe you can tell me, is that snot coming from El Bushos nose, or a tell tale sign of his habits?

  7. Ted Rall Says:


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, one follows the other.

  9. Steaming Pile Says:

    White hair on the Generalissimo. I likes it.

  10. Dar Says:

    I’ve a feeling we may look back on Bush Jr. nostalgically, if Benito or McCain is elected.

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