Cartoon for November 12

Dick Cheney says that torture keeps Americans safe from Islam:

“A small number of high-value detainees have gone through the special program run by the CIA.It involves tougher customers — men like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11 — and it involves tougher interrogation. The procedures are designed to be safe, to be legal, and they are in full compliance with the nation’s laws and treaty obligations. They’ve been carefully reviewed by the Department of Justice and are very carefully monitored. The program is run by highly trained professionals who understand their obligations under the law. And the program has uncovered a wealth of information that has foiled attacks against the United States; information that has on numerous occasions made all the difference between life and death.”

Which makes you wonder. What other threats are being neutralized by torture?

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  1. forksmuggler Says:

    I would also note that we’ve not sufferred another major hurricane since Katrina. Chalk up another win for Bush and Co!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    CNN ran a story today in which the title was “Americans must re-think Privacy”. Hmmmmmm….. We get what we deserve.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Here is the link to the afore-mentioned gripe.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think they just openly want to torture people, but then they have their PR lackeys work out some logic to it. History is full of people who did that, only they tended to be more open about it if they were brutal thugs and more honest with their logic if they believed it justified…


    “Regardless of what some of my critics have said, I doubt my methods exceed the torments of Hell. In any case they are of a limited nature (1) and their purpose is ultimately the soul’s salvation. Therefore, I believe my works good for what pain I inflict almost always leads to confession and repentance and therefore saves the soul an indefinite time of agony.”
    -(1) lead to footnote on how difficult in practice it was keeping some people alive long enough to talk.


  5. MoeLarryAndJesus Says:

    Viagra and Cialis don’t work for Dick Cheney anymore – the only ways he can get it up these days are by watching Torturecam or dipping into his world class collection of lesbian snuff films.

    You can wish I’m kidding if you want.

  6. Edward Orysiek Says:

    So where did Cheney say torture is keeping us safe from Islam?

  7. angelo Says:

    what, edward?

  8. Anonymous Says:


    This cartoon needs a little more explaining. It also accidentally implies that Native Americans were in the same group as pirates.

    Help me out here –
    A big fan

  9. Anders Says:

    Prates, Indians, Terrorist…
    All Bad Guys!
    The Presidennt does a great job protecting ‘Murica from these threats!

  10. Ted Rall Says:

    Edward, did you read the quote from Cheney? “Tougher interrogation” is Bushspeak for torture. Cheney and other members of the illegitimate Bush dictatorship have repeatedly claimed that such “enhanced interrogation techniques,” which include waterbooarding, beating and sleep deprivation, are protecting Americans from their countless self-created enemies.

  11. angelo Says:

    to all anonymice. I can’t blame you, but posting anonymously does not protect you. More importantly, it makes a challenge out of talking you.
    Just put a name, any name.

  12. Dar Says:

    I believe that the use of tortue by the government is only secondarily for the use against “Terrorists” and even future political detainess.

    It’s primary purpose is to implant
    (unconciously) fear into the American people by making them know that their government is crazy and won’t be limited by any laws or morality.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I think Edward has a point. Not about “torture”, but about “Islam”. In this quote, at least, Cheney talks about attacks against Murka, but doesn’t say the threat is Islam.

  14. Angelo Says:

    Edward, kooks kill people all of the time. It is only when those kooks call themselves muslim that Cheney thinks torture is a good idea.
    Crazy, right?
    I would like to know what you think.

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