Cartoon for November 1

True tales from the frontlines of the Global War on Thoughtism:

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  1. angelo Says:

    The father of modern conservatism, Ayn Rand, thought that the state makes everything illegal so that it can “cash in on guilt”. I think she was vague here because the obvious conclusion to her brilliant observation was not really in harmony with the book she was trying to write.

    If everything is illegal, then you can pick and choose who you want to nail.
    You see it in the workplace all of the time.
    Everyone gets to work 5 minutes late and lies about it on their time card. When the boss wants to hire a friend, they have someone observe and take notes on you for a month or so. Suddenly, there is this three page dossier on your dishonesty, and you are toast.

  2. Bob Says:

    I think Ayn would have to be the *mother* of modern conservatism?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s funny how, when i was younger, Ayn Rand was an infuence on me and my fellow Rush (band) fans. Now I hear that Angelina Jolie is to star in a film adaptaion of “Atlas Shrugged”. Would Hollywood A-list actors line up to star in “Mein Kampf”??? Hmmmmm……

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Please pardon my typos.

  5. angelo Says:

    In 1984 the state, alone, was the problem. In reality, it has been the state’s corporate handlers that have been the problem. I think I remember Ted pointing this out a while back. Perhaps Atlas could use its own 2024 treatment, Ted.

  6. dan Says:

    yeah, this is incredibly meddlesome of the state. and you gotta wonder where does free speech start and end (at “money”, apparently). but really, these rulings are symbolic and empty. how many people are they going to affect, and are they going to make us safer? eliminate pedophilia? eliminate racism? now that the noose is tucked away and the N-word is buried (which, for clarity’s sake, is nigger) we can start the racial harmony? i think that the main reason for this kind of wind and smoke is to make people feel good without actually doing anything. the dems and the reps can claim accomplishment without actually changing the status quo; eg., raising wages, keeping jobs in this country, providing healthcare, stopping bullshit military adventurism, industrial polluting etc. which neither party will deal with because they both shake the same corporate money tree. go team. rah rah rah.

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