Cartoon for October 20

The presidential candidates can’t resist sucking up to the powerful Zoroastrian Conservative voting bloc.

Click on the image to make it bigger.

4 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Zoroastrianism, we can all take a slice of that for prayer. Lunge forward to the new begining. Hack away at our fear of repression. Stab a guess at what candidate will support our beliefs. And I hear the hottest babes go to that church. Their temple is right next to my personal worship center. The Church of The Liquid Spirit. Good one Ted.

  2. Anders Says:

    I love the Zoroastrian-theme cartoons of yours. A very nice way to set things in perspective.

  3. Chuck Cliff Says:

    I simply am amazed how you continue to rock! Sometimes I think your columns are better, but the last ½ dozen ‘toons here are superb — the Zoroaster thing is super subtle cool of course, but the Dems eating poo with a grin had me laffing so hard i farted.

    You are simply unique!

  4. yousuf_sajjad Says:

    Anders is right about the Zoroastrian cartoons putting things in perspective. Hahaha….could you make an entire collection of their links, I want to send them to all my Zoroastrian friends (I have ten of them). Interesting fact, in Pakistan (and India) Zoroastrians are cool people and called Parsi’s. It derives from Persia which is where they originated. And props to you Ted for including Farrokh Bulsara, AKA Freddie Mercury.

    Part of my family is crazy for Bohemian Rhapsody, and when they’re listening to it I just namedrop Farrokh Bulsara, just for the shock value =D

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