Cartoon for October 18

Delusion is bipartisan.

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3 Responses to “”

  1. John Madziarczyk Says:

    I agree that there’s been delusion about Iraq, but I think that people on the “Left”, which has somehow come to mean everyone left of the centrists, are much more honest about it than people on the right. I don’t think that many people on the right actually care about ‘winning’ in Iraq but are instead just concerned with parroting what they hear on Fox News and what the President has said. People on the ‘Left’ are looking for some mechanism that will cause the Iraq war to end.

    But that doesn’t mean that people have been completely rational in picking events or trends that they feel will cause the war to end. In particular, with Bush, there’s been incident after incident that has been cited as proof that impeachment or resignation was imminent, for instance the Jeff Gannon affair, that haven’t come to much.

  2. Angelo Says:

    It is already cliche to say that Iraq was better off with Saddam in charge?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Somebody should drop the Iran-Contra bomb. Just to see what happens.

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