Cartoon for August 20

Here’s my cartoon for today, inspired by conversations I’ve had with editors of various newspapers. It seems incredible (no pun intended!) that politicians–who have lots of motivation to lie and do so like they breathe–get access to the media whenever they open their maws. Meanwhile, other people–political activists, academics, etc.–whose credibility is intact are routinely ignored.

Click on the image to make it bigger and post any comments here.

11 Responses to “”

  1. Rob Says:

    God, Ted, I find myself nodding in agreement with nearly every column you write and every cartoon you pen. And it kind of makes me ill.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Rob blind following of any other person’s thoughts makes me ill .. Ted is great, but he is not right all the time

  3. Anders Says:

    Sadly, this cartoon sums up a lot of how the “4th Estate” work. Not that there’s anything new. BBC, for example, became a propaganda tool only months after it’s creation.

  4. Geoduck Says:

    “In a camp”? You mean a detention camp? You lost me going around that particular turn..

  5. Anders Says:

    …more like KZ, Geo.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, detention camp is implied…

    And sadly, the thought of a person being carted of to a Halliburton Camp does not seem that far-fetched anymore….sigh……..

  7. James Says:

    I think it’s just a rather unfortunate example of how people are attracted to power, and willing to give the powerful a pass in order to somehow think they are in a two-way relationship with each others; whereas what is actually the case is the same thing that always happens–the people in power use the other (in this case reporters, especially the White House press corps) as a tool without an reciprocation. They don’t actually need to provide them with access, but (to paraphrase you in Revenge of the Latchkey Kids) the mere promise of access will do.

  8. angelo Says:

    HA, the media’s purpose is supposed to be advocacy journalism. Oh well, chalk up another victory for conservatives and the free market.

    tsk tsk. The founding fathers really fouled up on this one. They should have codified the press in greater detail. I guess they never could have forseen the lack of participation in our democracy, or the exponential rise in the power of corporations.

  9. Angelo Says:

    It is sad when you only stay in this country because you know it would make your enemies happy if you left.

  10. Rob Says:


    I didn’t say Ted was right all of the time. I said I agreed with his material nearly all of the time. It’s true. Should I lie just to appear less like a blind follower to you?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    i thought it interesting that ted raises the idea of 911 being an inside job. any internal brewing for the ex-physics major?

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