Cartoon for August 18

Here’s my cartoon for today; feel free to comment. As usual, click on the image to make it bigger. As not usual, at least on my browser, all the colors are totally screwed up. But in a fun way! So I’m leaving it that way. Of course, it might look normal to you–i.e., no purple people-eater faces.

19 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Large image will not display.

  2. Ted Rall Says:

    This is true. A larger image of the cartoon is available in the Cartoon section of

  3. Anonymous Says:


    are you serious ?!?!?!?!?

    24,000,000 Adults in America have not had sex ?????


    They could be unmarried Muslims like me…..

    My parents will be after me to marry after I turn 25….

  4. John Madziarczyk Says:

    This is one cause that I could give my all for.

  5. Susan Stark Says:

    Hi, Ted. I can’t figure out what this cartoon is in reference to. Could you help us out a bit?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe they’re purple with rage (due to sexual frustration)?

  7. Anders Says:

    What’s the text on the ribbons?
    I’m going to wear one, as soon as I find some purple cloth or dye 😀

  8. G. M. Palmer Says:

    Oh lord.
    What’s next,
    Celebrity sponsorship of people who are jealous that their made up problem doesn’t have a sponsor?
    Who would be the celebrity? That girl who played Jennifer from Family Ties?

    Maybe DJ from Roseanne.

    You rock, Ted.

    ditto on the ribbons.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Now Ted hates people who have a) a severe deficit of social skills, or b) discomfort with intimacy.

    Is there no depth Ted Rall will not stoop to? How much hate can one man actually contain?

  10. Ted Rall Says:

    Hi Susan,

    I was inspired by a piece in Time magazine that included the statistic that 4% of American adults had never had sex. I just thought it was interesting.

    To “anonymous”: This cartoon isn’t even about people who haven’t had sex. It’s about the need of causes to obtain celebrity spokespeople to get attention. Anyway, no one knows why virgins don’t do it. I’m willing to bet quite a few people simply don’t want to. Frankly, I’m jealous of anyone without a sex drive–it can be an annoying, difficult to satiate, distraction.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Give it up Ted. You draw one thing, and then claim the opposite. The first frame of this cartoon makes light of the very people you say it “isn’t even about”. You could have just stated the statistic and then moved on to your “point” with Charlie Sheen, etc … But you display the “people” in question, as losers.

    Quit lying, and stand behind what you draw.

  12. JT Says:

    Arguing with anon’s is like shadow boxing in the dark…


  13. Seth Warren Says:

    Quick show of hands – who else here finds it amusing that an anonymous poster is demanding someone stand behind what has been put out for public consumption? There’s a reason I log IP addresses and disable anonymous posting on my weblog: I am of the opinion that if one hasn’t the backbone to own up to what one is saying, then perhaps one should seriously consider that it either a.) isn’t worth saying in the first place or b.) the one saying it is really trying to convince themselves more than anyone else.

    And yes, I can understand the argument that an anonymous post is a way of protecting oneself against the backlash that comes with holding an unpopular opinion. Still, I find that applies more to the “real world,” rather than the internet. To my knowledge, no one has ever reached through their monitor and strangled someone else for what was posted on a web page.

  14. Anders Says:

    Hate to contradict you, Seth, but:

  15. Anonymous Says:

    they ARE losers, and so are limbaugh dittoheads who waste everybody’s time making poo on talented people’s blogs

  16. Anonymous Says:

    To “Seth Warren”,

    You’re such an ignoramus that it absolutely defies belief. Should I call myself “anders”? Wow – that helps. It’s so much better than “anonymous”. How about if I call myself something that sounds real like, “John Matthews”, although my real name is “Bill Jones” ha ha ha! That’s really great, I really believe all the names I read on a blog. Especially when they’re “real” sounding like “Seth Warren”, instead of “buttholesurfer”, which I assume is not a real name. See, what I read on the web must be true, or it wouldn’t be there, right? Just like TV!

    Again – your stupidity is truly magnificent to behold.

  17. Anders Says:

    At least I signed with my given name.
    (And yes, that IS a real name in Scandinavia, much to the amusement of every German I meet…)
    I could link to the closest I have to a webpage, but I really don’t have one of my own. Joining the “Legion of Anonymous” just isn’t to my taste though.

  18. Seth Warren Says:

    The anonymous little troll is calling me an ignoramus…how sweet. You flatter yourself thinking that I would believe anything you post, anonymous or otherwise. Rest assured, this is my real name and there is a real person behind the website linked from my profile. I believe it a sign of courage and conviction to stand by what one says with a name. As far as I’m concerned, “anonymous,” you are lacking in both qualities.

    You are correct on one point (if it can even be called that) – the internet is rife with outright lies and misleading “data.” I can take some small pride in that I am doing my part to the best of my ability to prevent from adding to that.

    So long, little troll, this is the last time I’m feeding you.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Nice of you to give us the money shot before you left. A grown man suffering a real, full-blown pomposity attack, that’s troll heaven.

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