Cartoon Comments: “Good Things About the Iraq War”

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9 Responses to “”

  1. Tom Says:

    Who could top you?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    you forgot one, Mr Rall.
    another plus is, Cheney got richer!

    {tie, tie, tie, kick stool, swiiing}

  3. Geoduck Says:

    Just to nitpick, our sun isn’t big enough to go supernova; when its end comes in a few billion years, it swell up into a red giant, then collapse into a white dwarf.

    That said, if anyone can cause a disasterous alteration in basic physics, it’s George W. Bush.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    re: “Good Things About the Iraq War”
    Could you create a cartoon with as near a true likeness of George W. Bush with him saying, “Mah fellow ‘mericans. I really couldn’t care less ’bout our troops being sitting ducks and easy targets for snipers in Iraq. Mah priority is what Dick Cheney said it is. Don’t matter we didn’t experience combat when Vietnam was raging. We don’t need no stinking badges (heh heh smirk smirk). Ok, I’m a stone cold mass murderer, but I need an ocean and some land, plus a secret service crew and the entire United States Military between me and the people I declare our enemies. That’s ’cause I’m the worst coward America has ever produced, but what’re you gonna do about it? I’m the president. Kiss my ass!”
    Go ahead, Tom, because no one else has the cojones to call a spade a spade. For all the criticism and the alleged 65% disapproval rate, Bush still gets to keep on killing people. He doesn’t care. He just doesn’t CARE!

  5. TheDon Says:

    You’ve come up with four more good things than I could, but before you get too excited about the interesting films, I have two words: First Blood. This war could, in addition to all the other horrors and outrages, bring the next generation their own Sylvester Stallone. May god have mercy on George Bush’s soul.

  6. Anders Says:

    Still good work, though not your best. (My favourites are and

  7. J Says:

    yeah for sure. ten years from now, i expect some kick-ass rambo sequels.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    It hasn’t given anyone Aids yet.

  9. claroofus jones Says:

    I think every time the Generalissimo mentions Al Qaeda, we should ask him about Bin Laden. “Say, their top guy is in Pakistan, and has been for several years. How about we get Musharaf to lead us to him? How ’bout it, nudge, nudge?”

    Your book Silk Road to Ruin kicks ass. Different, but a very intimate form of gonzo journalism, a form I think should be the standard of journalism instead of the lazy approach of newspapers who report what the Generalissimo said yesterday (should we call him Americanbashi?)


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