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Posted by TheDon
Here at Ted’s News Network, it’s the weekend, so we’re polishing up our mastery of the obvious. A quick glance around the internets brings us today’s DOG BITES MAN stories. I call these products of “reporting” and “investigation” The Least Surpising Headlines:

Bush civil rights nominee under fire

New Study Shows (Wall Street) Analysts Getting Favors

U.S. Set to Offer Huge Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia
TNN note – How many of these weapons will end up killing US soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, or people around the world for that matter?

Suicide Attack and Protests Over Red Mosque Reopening

Scientists’ Tests Hack Into Electronic Voting Machines in California and Elsewhere

Recalled Canned Foods Continue to Be Found on Grocery Shelves

L.A. official steered work to relatives
Nearly $800,000 in contracts, often with inflated prices, went to family and firms with political ties, data show.

Frederic Von Anhalt Found Naked in Car
Ok, that one’s gratuitous, but predictable and funny.

Stay tuned to TNN for more unsuprising headlines!

Bush Dishonest
Tony Snow Evasive
Top Al-Qaeda Leader Killed In Iraq
Suicide Bombers In Iraq
Democrats Fail To Stop War
Progress Seen In Iraq
Top Al-Qaeda Leader Killed In Iraq
Troops To Stay In Iraq
Pat Tillman Was Murdered
Alberto Gonzales Lies To Congress
Top Al-Qaeda Leader Killed In Iraq
Print the list, and cross them off when you see the actual headline. When you have crossed them all off, send it in to TNN – Headline News. First completed entry wins a completely predictable prize!

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