Where Are the Righties Now?

The sound of crickets chirping…that’s what you hear when I do cartoons mocking Nancy Pelosi and a particularly P.C. NAACP “burial” of the “N-word.” But when I do something that pisses them off (i.e., about their sainted soldiers, which is weird considering that no one’s stopping them from enlisting, you know?), they follow Michelle Malkin off into ban-them-all send-em-to-Gitmo land. Right-wingers cherrypick their outrage, never tempering their reaction with an acknowledgement that, as an editorial commentator I’m an equal opportunity offender who takes on the left as much as the right.

Then there’s the other Big Silence–the Republican reaction to a well-sourced argument that decimates their shibboleths. I expected a big reaction to this week’s column. After all, in just 1400 words I left the Heritage Foundation’s much-vaunted claim that US soldiers are at least as well educated and wealthy as the average Joe and Jane twisting in the statistical winds. I know the right-wing bloggers read it–I have the software to track that–but they decided not to say boo.

At least I’m honest. When right-wingers are right, I say so. Unfortunately, too many partisans–on all sides of the American political debate–simply put their hands over their ears and pretend that countervailing evidence never existed.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome back slugger. A nice walk in the Stans didn’t dull your ability to hit them out of the park! Do nothing Dumbicrats still wondering what to do next. As the Don sez, ITMFA! Very nice pattern in Pats forehead. How close were the enemy and exactly who were they?

  2. Edward Orysiek Says:

    you have software that tells you if someone viewing your column is a right wing blogger? How exactly does it do that. In my ten years of working with web analytics, I know web analytics can track a great deal, including your IP address, your browser specs, where your Internet gateway is located, the referring site. I’ve never seen a variable called RightWingblogger = TRUE

  3. Brubaker Says:

    When I was talking to you at the Comic Con, I regret that I didn’t get to tell you how I liked that NAACP N-Word Burial cartoon.

    Regardless, I enjoyed talking to you at San Diego.

  4. Ted Rall Says:


    Without getting specific, I know the last sites and servers visited before they come to rall.com. I am familiar with many right-wing blogs and their domain names. While incomplete, it does provide an indication of where surfers come from.

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