TGIF – Terror Cheese edition!
posted by TheDon

Sadly, it’s not even news that the TSA planted phony terror stories to distract the news media from bad administration news. I will admit that I was initially worried about blocks of cheese with wires inside them. That sounds like real terrorist dry runs, and that was the point of planting that lie. The fact that the cheese had no wires in it or even particularly near it, and that “cell phone components” in this case meant a wall charger didn’t make the initial story. I guess I’m still not cynical enough about this administration, but in my defense, we really are in uncharted waters here.
Toast the TSA with a plate of cheese, and one of these:
Red Alert
Fill a highball glass halfway with ice, and pour in a small Red Bull.
Add 3 oz vokda
Add 2 oz pomegranate juice
stir, enjoy!

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