A Day In The Life
posted by TheDon

So I was driving my Prius 100 mph down the highway, smoking some weed and I thought to myself, “godDAMN it! How am I going to get that dog poop off my back window?”. My dog doesn’t have the bodily-function control he used to, and gas stations no longer have hoses for customers like they did 20 years ago. But wait! They do have drive-thru car washes! So I pulled the straps on the dog carrier really tight and went for it. I remembered not to get the hot wax, but I paid for the extra drying time. It must really mess with Seamus’ head to have the wind whipping by, but the scenery is creeping by.
Anyhoo, I was in the car wash, and Seamus finally stopped panicking so I could hear the radio. Tony Snow was giving another Master’s Class on dissembling, and excused W’s disregard for regulations requiring that the DOJ and USA be consulted on pardons with this gem – “It’s not like people’s memories are fuzzy about the details or the circumstances.” I know my hearing has been sacrificed to the Oxycontin isn’t what it used to be, but I was sure I had mis-heard him. Not fuzzy? On details or circumstances? EXECUTIVE branch employees? In THIS administration?
I hit speed-dial #3 and alerted Markos that he should order Nancy Pelosi to start some hearings, and start them fast. If there is actually someone in the executive branch with a working memory, get them up the hill NOW, before they catch whatever memory-eating virus is infecting those poor bastards. This is big. Then I popped another Xanax put it in gear and got back on the highway, content that our takeover of the legislative process is almost complete.

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