ITMFA – Libby Edition
posted by TheDon

The Bush Crime Family has now gamed the system so that Scooter won’t testify against his old boss Dick, and we’ll never hear the truth from Libby’s lying lips. For once he is following in dear old dad’s footsteps by using his presidential pardon powers to protect himself and his boss Dick.
This is another attack on the rule of law and the separation of powers by this oulaw regime. It’s time to take the gloves off and ITMFA. Now. This won’t be the last abuse of this power to protect his buddies, either. Watch for some rather broad pardons in January, 2009. GRRRRRRR.
So now what? Now there is no “ongoing investigation”, so it’s time for Congress to start up the hearings and subpeona the executive and find out who outed a CIA agent. If they don’t cooperate? ITMFA.
And where is the press? It’s time to start pressing the president again over who leaked, and why they still have security clearances. Press him on his claim that he would fire anyone connected. Push, people! Push!

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  1. psyduck in pain Says:

    It’s a commuted sentence, not a pardon. He still “pays” the fines and is on “probation”. He just doesn’t have to spend as much time in jail as Paris Hilton.

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