MOCCA festival pix: Cartoonists With Attitude, Alison Bechdel and more!
Posted by Mikhaela Reid

No good comics convention is complete without Ted Rall; still, we muddled through while Ted continued his Stan-Trek:

MOCCA 07: Ayo and Cartoonists With Attitude Masheka Wood, Brian McFadden and Mikhaela Reid

Ayo + Cartoonists With Attitude Masheka Wood, Brian McFadden and Mikhaela Reid

MOCCA 07: Fictional Character Alison Bechdel ("Fun Home") and Mikhaela Reid ("Boiling Point")MOCCA '07: Mikhaela Reid and Barry "Ampersand" Deutsch drawing each other faces!

Legendary Fun Home author and Dyke to Watch Out For Alison Bechdel and Mikhaela Reid; Mikhaela Reid and Barry “Ampersand” Deutsch drawing each other faces

MOCCA '07: Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me, 30 Days) with Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela!MOCCA 07: Masheka Wood and Frank ReynosoMOCCA 2007: On-the-spot commissioned birthday card front

Muckraking filmmaker Morgan Spurlock with his copy of Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela!; Masheka Wood and Frank Reynoso; cover of on-the-spot commissioned birthday card for a George-Bush-averse one-year-old

Cartoonists Masheka Wood and AyoTop Shelf 10th Anniversary Party: Brian McFadden, Keith Knight

Masheka Wood and Ayo; Brian McFadden and Keith Knight with free booze and food at the Top Shelf 10th Anniversary Party

Last year, the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art’s Art Festival was a low point for many of us alternative political cartoonists–we felt so alienated, disconnected and unloved and sold so few books that we decided to form the group Cartoonists With Attitude to help get more attention at conventions.

Apparently it worked. I’m happy to report that MOCCA this year was a whole other comics convention beast. All kinds of great comics readers, cool sales, and awe-inspiring cartoonists to hang out with, plus some cool comics discoveries. The tough part was keeping any of the money we earned and not immediately spending it on other comics.

The convention was also packed with alums from the Attitudeseries of books Ted edited for NBM: myself, Brian, Alison Bechdel, Barry Deutsch, Neil Swaab, R Stevens, Scott Bateman and others. Clearly, it’s all about the Attitude.

If you scroll through my whole MOCCA photoset, you’ll see I also got to chat with Hilary Price of “Rhymes With Orange” fame, who was attending her first comics convention to promote her book Reigning Cats and Dogs. Hilary is syndicated and popular for good reason.

More later on some of the cool comics I picked up at the event!

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