Sunday Follies
posted by TheDon

Meat the Press
This looks like one big fast-forward.

Pat Buchanan on Immigration. I don’t think so.
Luis Gutierrez in opposition. I guess they don’t understand that nothing is passing this time around, and it shouldn’t. Let’s wait for a much better president and a better Congress.

The panel on the ’08 elections. Call me back in the Fall – just not into the daily odds yet. Especially not Dean Border, WSJ guy and Roger Simon. Gwen Ifill is always good, but 20% worth watching isn’t enough for me. (I count Little Russ in the stats.)

In fairness, the Guiliani coke bust and Iraq Study Group stories were funny, but I don’t care enough to watch. Told you that would be fast – I just saved you 59 minutes!

Fawkes News Sunday
Our puppets in Iraq sentenced one of Saddam’s cousins to death. Shocking!

Trent Lott and Dianne Feinstien argue over the Right’s talking points. I don’t have the stomache for this. First talk radio. Yawn. NOTHING will be done to or about talk radio. Immigration. See previous comment. Now the election talking points. Apparently the talking point is going to be that Congress has lower approval ratings than the preznit. This is supposed to be the big encouraging word for the GOP to take back Congress in 08. That’s right, ignore the fact that this is anger over the refusal to stop the war. Let me know how that works out for you. I can’t watch.

This is funny. Lott is defending Cheney’s right to claim he’s not in the executive branch, while admitting the Cheney really is. heh.

Surge Smurge. Wallace ask Feinstein if she’s ready to ignore Petraeus in the Fall. Nice job, Chris!

Bloomberg. How would he change the election? Boooooring.

Cheney and his ascension past entity status. I’m with John Dean on this one. Cut off all money to his office until he complies with laws and executive orders.
Wallace very kindly characterizes Trent Lott as confused on the issue.
Juan zeroes in on the problem and hammers the hell out of Cheney. Yeah!

Brit comes in with a spirited defense of Cheney’s view of the executive. Mara points out that the Supreme Court is shooting down everything that the Cheney administration claims. Kristol claims the executive was broken by Clinton, fixed by Cheney because of 9/11. Juan reframes it as a lack of transparency. Calls them bully tactics. Kristol is ok with bully tactics. These righties do love authoritarians.

Power Player Cal Ripken. Why not? Certainly nothing important happened last week. Let’s pick a retired baseball player. Dicks.

This Weak
Ted Kennedy and Jeff Sessions on immigration.
Yawn. Thank god for fast-forward.

Bloomberg. more fast-forward.
JEEBUZ!!! Can’t we talk about the people actually IN THE RACE and what their… ummm… what’s that word? POSITIONS are?!?!? Or get them on? Noooooooooooo let’s talk about what a possible entry might do.
ok, I’m better. A little.
Giuliani’s bad week. Fred Thompson.
Fareed calls out Giluliani for being a one-note candidate, and that one note is “scare the hell out of everyone”. Nice.
Romney’s getting hit for not being a christian and is complaining about it. Whaaaaaaa.
Jack Tapper calls out Romney for claiming Mormonism but fuzzing over what Mormons believe. Seems fair. The Messiah’s going to reign from Jackson County Mississippi? WTF?
The Clinton-Sopranos ad. I don’t get the ad, but also don’t get the controversy. I’m chalking it up to general dumb-fuckery in the pundit class. I’m far more concerned about Hil picking a Celine Dion song. Yikes.
Survey says Hillary can beat any of the GOOPs. No shit. Which of the GOOPs is electable? Not a single damn one.

In Memoriam
Bob Evans – down on the farm.
Judge Willian Hungate – former Congressman
Rep Buy Vander Jagt – ditto
9 firefighters in Charleston. devastating loss. (or political opportunity for assholes)
26 more soldiers and marines. dammit.

Niles Crane on Alzheimer’s

Sunday Funnies

I have GOT to stop spending my Sundays watching these shows.


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