It’s an American Dictator, Stupid

What do you call a political leader who does whatever he pleases? A dictator. When there’s no meaningful internal opposition to his actions, he’s a durable one.

For those Americans who still doubt that the 2000 (and probably 2004) elections were a coup d’état carried out by a military-corporate junta of bandits, looters and mass murderers–OK, I get it, it’s hard to accept–the rabid cat is out of the bag. George W. Bush is a dictator.

What else can you call a leader who wages a wildly unpopular war and then escalates it after citizens have delivered a resounding and overwhelming no-confidence vote? Bush is a tyrant, and he’s every bit as deranged and dangerous as his father’s former employee, whom he sent to the gallows last week.

The Democrats? Useless, as usual. They’re planning to try to possibly pass a non-binding resolution, not even calling for a full-fledged pullout but merely asking pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top for Bush to not send another 20,000 to 40,000 troops. To a war, remember, that no one wants anymore. At all.

I don’t say this lightly: Bush is a dictator, albeit one mildly inconvenienced from time to time by remnants of the former opposition party. And we live in a dictatorship.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    True enough, but a dictatorship can only survive if the citizenry does not take action. As long as Americans still have their two SUVs, three bathroom, four bedroom, five television homes, they really don’t care who is in power. This is why Bush uses war talk to silence criticism about the war, but refuses to do anything that reminds the American people that they are “at war” (ie: a draft or rationing or something like what happened during WWII). Bush’s success hinges entirely upon the somnolence of the American public.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Woo Hoo ! Frist !

    (Back to the topic – dictator, etc.)

    Thanks for saying it. Spot on analysis as usual.

    (Off topic)

    This weeks column on health care was one of your top ten.

  3. Rusty Shackelford Says:

    People wonder how Hitler managed to garner the support of the German people. Bush has the same type of support with the American people.

  4. USpace Says:

    Interesting stuff…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    Bush is worse than Hitler…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think Bush is worse than Hitler because Hitler had a plan and the smarts to make it work. Bush is just dumb (assuming there is a difference between dumb evil and smart evil).

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