Buy a Signed Copy of AMERICA GONE WILD

Just in time for the holidays, it’s the Ted Rall Signed Book Offer. Here’s the deal:

Send me $22 and I’ll send you, via Priority Mail, a copy of AMERICA GONE WILD: CARTOONS BY TED RALL. If you ask me to sign it, I will. Just include a note with your payment indicating to whom and how you’d like it signed. And don’t forget to include your shipping address! You can’t imagine how many people forget to do that. Sorry, but unlike the NSA I don’t know where you live.

Payment may be made in the real world to:

Ted Rall
PO Box 1134
New York NY 10027

Or you can email me at for information on how to pay via PayPal.

All Hail the Prophet Zarathustra! (FYI the Zoroastrian celebration of the divine spirit Vohu Manah, creator and protector of animals, is coming up soon. Vohu Manah is one of seven male and female divine emanations of the deity Ahura Mazda. Ted Rall products make a fine addition to any Vohu Manah celebration.)

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