Rumsfeld Resigns

The sick bastard who made Robert McNamara look nearly human, whose handiwork murdered more than twice the 300,000 innocent people Saddam Hussein is accused of killing, has finally resigned.

You can’t feel sorry for the guy. After all, Saddam will hang for a mere 148 deaths. Can we hang the dark architects of the Afghan and Iraq wars 5000 times over? Nevertheless, it’s worth noting, this is another Bush lie (just a week ago, the “prez” issued the Rumster job security through January 2009). By throwing him under the bus Bush and Cheney (well, Cheney and Rove) think they’ll avoid a few investigations and, with a little luck, prison time. Within the context of today’s events, Rumsfeld is (cough) a victim.

Make no mistake–he is as evil as the human race comes. Donald Rumsfeld presided over the mass murder of more than 100 times as many people as Osama bin Laden. But George W. Bush, and the people of the United States who have tolerated his misbegotten and anticonstitutional interregnum, are ultimately responsible. And we’ll miss the evil gleam in the murderer’s eye.

Impeachment? A nice start.

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