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November 30, 2006

Buy a Signed Copy of AMERICA GONE WILD

Just in time for the holidays, it’s the Ted Rall Signed Book Offer. Here’s the deal:

Send me $22 and I’ll send you, via Priority Mail, a copy of AMERICA GONE WILD: CARTOONS BY TED RALL. If you ask me to sign it, I will. Just include a note with your payment indicating to whom and how you’d like it signed. And don’t forget to include your shipping address! You can’t imagine how many people forget to do that. Sorry, but unlike the NSA I don’t know where you live.

Payment may be made in the real world to:

Ted Rall
PO Box 1134
New York NY 10027

Or you can email me at for information on how to pay via PayPal.

All Hail the Prophet Zarathustra! (FYI the Zoroastrian celebration of the divine spirit Vohu Manah, creator and protector of animals, is coming up soon. Vohu Manah is one of seven male and female divine emanations of the deity Ahura Mazda. Ted Rall products make a fine addition to any Vohu Manah celebration.)

November 30, 2006

A 9/11 Every Week

A thought occured to me on the subway this morning: the media is being unfair to the Iraqi puppet government. Yes, really.

Consider what happened to the United States after 9/11: we went crazy. We trashed our Constitution, allowed elections to be stolen, went to war against two countries that had never posed a threat to us, killed more than half a million people, legalized torture and domestic spying, built concentration camps, kidnapped thousands of innocent people and “disappeared” them, bankrupted the treasury. And that was only 3000 deaths.

For the last three years, Iraqis have suffered the equivalent of a 9/11 every week. Every week about 3,000 Iraqis have died violent, painful deaths at the hands of the U.S. and the militias freed to do their worst by our invasion.

Imagine what would have happened here had there been two or three 9/11s, much less more than a hundred, as has happened to the Iraqis: The United States would have collapsed. States would have peeled away. Anarchy would rule the streets. The economy would be trashed. We would be a failed state, like Afghanistan during the early 1990s. Warlords and militias? We’d have those, too. In fact, it’s safe to say, there’s no way the United States would be doing as well as Iraq is doing now.

Now, if you need more proof that we’re a bunch of pussies, consider this: Iraq has one-tenth the population of the U.S. If you choose to examine the comparison on a per-capita basis, they’ve actually suffered a thousand 9/11s.

November 10, 2006

Bloomberg News Raves About “Silk Road to Ruin”

Bloomberg News Service has published a rave review of SILK ROAD TO RUIN.

An excerpt:

For decades in the 19th century, the world’s superpowers competed in Central Asia in what became known as the Great Game, an epic scramble for influence and resources that still is being played today. Despite the high stakes — including what may be the planet’s largest reserves of oil and natural gas — the competition for the exotic lands between the Himalayas and Russia’s southern border has had remarkably few chroniclers.

With “Silk Road to Ruin: Is Central Asia the New Middle East?” Ted Rall fills that void with a book that combines fascination with Asian exoticism and the punchy distancing of cartoons and pop-culture irony.

Rall is a former investment banker and expert in the harsh but potentially wealthy region known as “the Stans.” His book is an unconventional, provocative and bitterly funny mix of travel diary, tour guide and graphic novel based on the author’s voyages, from Beijing to Turkmenistan through China’s remote Xinjiang region and the oil-rich steppes of Kazakhstan.

November 8, 2006

Rumsfeld Resigns

The sick bastard who made Robert McNamara look nearly human, whose handiwork murdered more than twice the 300,000 innocent people Saddam Hussein is accused of killing, has finally resigned.

You can’t feel sorry for the guy. After all, Saddam will hang for a mere 148 deaths. Can we hang the dark architects of the Afghan and Iraq wars 5000 times over? Nevertheless, it’s worth noting, this is another Bush lie (just a week ago, the “prez” issued the Rumster job security through January 2009). By throwing him under the bus Bush and Cheney (well, Cheney and Rove) think they’ll avoid a few investigations and, with a little luck, prison time. Within the context of today’s events, Rumsfeld is (cough) a victim.

Make no mistake–he is as evil as the human race comes. Donald Rumsfeld presided over the mass murder of more than 100 times as many people as Osama bin Laden. But George W. Bush, and the people of the United States who have tolerated his misbegotten and anticonstitutional interregnum, are ultimately responsible. And we’ll miss the evil gleam in the murderer’s eye.

Impeachment? A nice start.

November 8, 2006

Breaking: Post-Election Column to Contain Exclusive

Today’s syndicated column will contain, along with my analysis of yesterday’s midterm election results and what lies ahead in the coming year, exclusive information about a new Bush Administration attempt to seize unprecedented power for the executive branch. The piece is currently being edited and will be uploaded at approximately 2 pm East Coast time.

For press inquiries:

November 6, 2006

Offer: Get Your Editing Ya-Yas Out, Earn a Sketch

Before it came out, a dozen people (including me) read my tome SILK ROAD TO RUIN several times each. And yet there are still typos in the first edition!

Soon it will be time to go back to press, and I’d like to fix as many typos as possible for the second printing. Here’s where you come in.

For each NEW typo you find, I’ll draw a sketch of anything you request (unless it’s offensive or too hard, in which case I’ll draw Bush or something) and mail it to you. Simply e-mail your typo (example: “On page 166, second paragraph, there’s a “the the”…) to Use the subject line “Silk Road Typos.”

The only catch: Only one sketch per typo. If someone else has already submitted your typo, you’re out of luck.

Special bonus offer: Find 15 errors of spelling and/or grammar and/or fact, get the original artwork for one of my recent syndicated cartoons. (OK if the 15 include errors submitted by others previously.)

Offer expires when I say so.