Independent Weekly Interview

There’s a SILK ROAD TO RUIN-centered interview with me in the current issue of the Raleigh/Durham-based alternative weekly The Independent:

Ted Rall is best known as a political cartoonist and columnist, but he is also a reporter who has covered Central Asia for nearly a decade. He broadcast live daily reports from Afghanistan during the 2001 war, and has written about the region for the Village Voice, POV and other magazines. Rall has collected his experiences in a new 300-page book, Silk Road to Ruin: Is Central Asia the New Middle East?, which he describes as a blend of graphic journalism, travelogue and analysis. The author recently sat down with the Indy’s J.P. Trostle (who was also Rall’s editor on Silk Road), to discuss the disappearance of Henderson native Major Jill Metzger–and why the United States has a military base in Kyrgyzstan in the first place.

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