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I am frequently requested for digital versions of my 1995 essay for Might Magazine entitled “Quit Your Job, Work is a Sham.” Heretofore this seminal bit of Generation X arcana had existed only in print in two books, both out of print: my 1998 book REVENGE OF THE LATCHKEY KIDS and a Might anthology entitled “Shiny Adidas Trackshoes and the Death of Camp.” (Dave Eggers has always had trouble coming up with good titles.)

Now thanks to an obsessive blogger’s efforts at transcription, there’s an online version. For the record, Plant Seeds’ efforts are a flagrant copyright violation. Also for the record, I own the copyright and I hereby authorize this particular version because it’s so cool.

There are some typos and a lot of punctuation errors but in deference to the huge demand for this piece, I’m pointing you to it nevertheless.

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  1. Derek Wallace Says:

    Hey Ted!

    I don’t know how it happened, but this blog entry about my transcription of your essay slipped past my radar! First of all, my apologies for the copyright infringement. I made that blog a year ago, and a year is a long time to gain some perspective and definitely some understanding of how the fair use license works. Thanks for being so cool about it, though. I truly believe the essay needs to be heard by more people, and I recommend it all the time. In fact, the reason I found this blog entry today was because I did a Google search hoping you had put up an official version of your own so I could take mine down. I’m in the process of branding my MySpace, Youtube and Blogger accounts with my “Organic Reform” theme, so I would like to hereby official request your permission to transfer “Quit Your Job, Work is a Sham” to my new MySpace blog.

    Peace and health and keep up the great work,

    Derek Wallace
    (formerly “Plant Seeds”)

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